English Department Alumna named 2023 Arkansas Teacher of the Year!

The English Department is proud to announce that our alumna, BA in English grad Capri Salaam, has been named 2023 Arkansas Teacher of the Year. She teaches social studies at North Little Rock Middle School.

Capri Salaam (Photo courtesy of NLR Middle School)

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson praised Ms. Salaam, saying that her “teaching skills, commitment to her students, and love for the profession are reflected in her creative and innovative efforts to meet her students where they are.” The Arkansas Department of Education Secretary Johnny Key presented Ms. Salaam with her award. He proved ecstatic about her achievements:

“Her ability to bring history to life through creative lessons, combined with her ongoing love of learning and professional growth, are reflected in her students’ success both in and out of the classroom. Ms. Salaam is the perfect person to receive this honor, and we look forward to working alongside her when she begins her tenure as Teacher of the Year.”

(Left to Right: Arkansas Department of Education Secretary Jonny Key, Capri Salaam, and North Little Rock Superintendent Gregory Pilewski) (Photo courtesy of Kimberly Mundell)

Ms. Salaam received a $1,400 award along with her new title as Arkansas Teacher of the Year. Even more excitingly, she now competes for U.S. Teacher of the Year. She begins her one-year tenure as state teacher of the year on July 1, 2023. Ms. Salaam will use her position to travel the state highlighting student mental health and social-emotional learning.