Advisory Boards 2022-2023

Executive Advisory Committee


Meeting – 11/14/2022

Members Present: Michael Mills (Advisory Board Co-Chair, UCA). Donna Wake (Advisory Board Co-Chair, UCA), Elise Hampton (NLR Middle School), Julie Workman (Arch Ford), K.K. Bradshaw (Conway School District), Holly Howard (Bentonville High School), Amy Jordan (NLR School District), Karen Norton (Arch Ford), and Suzanne Rogers (Lisa Academy)

Meeting – 02/20/2023

Members Present: Michael Mills (Advisory Board Co-Chair), Donna Wake (Advisory Board Co-Chair), Julie Workman (Arch Ford), Holly Howard (Bentonville), Quintin Cain (LRSD), Karen Lasker (Conway SD), and Elise Hampton (North LR SD) 






Initial Programs

Elementary K-6

Meeting – 4/20/2023

Members Present: Janet Filer, Stefanie Sorbet (Advisory Board Chair), Dee Dee Cain, Shoudong Feng, Matthew How, Patti Hunter, Mark Lewis, and Brandy Walthall


Middle Level


Meeting – 5/22/2023

Members: Steve Ward (Advisory Board Chair), Jennifer Barber (Conway School District), Ginger Campbell (Conway School District), Gynger Campbell (Conway School District), Michael Clark (North Little Rock School District), Jessica Franklin (North Little Rock School District), Elise Hampton (North Little Rock School District), Gina James (North Little Rock School District), Gwendolyn Lane (Beebe School District), Christon McClure (North Little Rock School District), Dawn McLain (North Little Rock School District), Anthony Miller (Greenbrier School District), Capri Salaam (North Little Rock School District), and Naomi Sexson (Conway School District)

Special Education (UG, MAT)




MAT (K-6, 4-8, 7-12)


2022 – 2023 MAT Advisory Board Survey Results

Members: Mrs. Sunny Styles-Foster (Advisory Board Chair), Dr. Nykela Jackson (UCA), Dr. Rachelle Miller (UCA), Dr Debbie Dailey (UCA), Dr. Jessica Herring-Watson (UCA), Dr. TK Anderson (UCA), Ms. Renee Kovach (Little Rock), Ms. Angela Eaves (Bentonville), Dr. Kirk Freeman (PCSSD), Ms. Suzanne Rogers (LISA Academy), Mr. Curt Barger (Benton High). Dr. Kima Stewart (Buffalo Island Central Elementary). Mrs. Alyssa Adams (Washington Jr. High/Bentonville), Ms. Debbie Maxwell (Green County Tech Primary), Ms. Sherry Petznick (Buffalo Island Central Elementary), Mr. Zach Spillman (Prairie Grove), Mr. Adam Meek (LISA Academy/Springdale), Ms. Dorothy Mason (Jonesboro Health Wellness Environmental School), Ms. Tiffany Gramlich (Northside High School), and Ms. Sophie Curtis (J. Williams Fulbright Junior High)


Advanced Programs



Meeting – 4/12/2023
Agenda – 4/12/2023

Members Present: Jeff Whittingham (Advisory Board Chair, UCA), Alicia Pack-Thompson, Starla Ritter, Ashleigh Castles, Catherine Miller, and Cindy Green



Meeting – 11/14/2022

Members: Alicia Cotabish (Advisory Board Chair, UCA), Dr. Woody Cummins, Dr. Barrett Petty, Mr. Ray Simon, Dr. Malcolm Glover, Dr. Renee Crater, and Dr. Mary Lackie



Meeting – 5/10/2023

Members Present: Whitney Thornton, Tim Sisk, Alicia Cotabish (UCA), Debbie Dailey (UCA), and Rachelle Miller (UCA)


Meeting – 11/15/2022

Members Present: Derek Ratchford, Kim Lamb, Kirsten Wilson, Vicki Parish, Kim Raup, Janie Walburn, and Allison Freed (Advisory Board Chair, UCA)


Meeting – 05/02/2023

Members: Dr. Erin Shaw (UCA LIBM Faculty and LIBM Program Director); Dr. Jud Copeland (UCA LIBM Adjunct Faculty); Ms. Dominique O’Shea (Faculty Librarian- Pensacola State College); Ms. Anne Cowie (Paris Middle School LMS); Dr. Brian Johnson (Lakeside Jr. High LMS); Ms. Cassandra Barnett (Arkansas Department of Education); Ms. Shelby Tedford (Quitman Elementary School LMS)





 School Counseling

Meeting – 02/06/2023


Donna Wilchie (School Counselor, Ida Burns Elementary), Millie Engler (School Counselor, Greenbrier Junior High), Rebecca Camarigg (College and Career Coach, Bentonville West High School), Esther Murdock (School-to-Community Liaison, Bentonville West High School), Chance George (Math Teacher and Leadership Team), Dr. Odunola Oyeniyi (School Counseling Faculty, UCA),  Dr. Valerie Couture (Advisory Board Chair, UCA)


Meeting – 5/10/2023


Dr. Nathan White (Advisory Board Chair, UCA), Dr. Stacey Loyless (UCA), Tracy Streeter (Hamburg School District), Carrie Farris (Springdale School District), Brett Bunch (Brookland School District), Dr. Mike Hernandes (AAEA), and Dr. Louis Nadelson (UCA).


Special Education – (BK, GC, MSE, Resource)





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