Interface Downloads

Web-enhanced Interface V2.2 Course Export Download Folder

Steps to Download Package & Upload to Blackboard:

Before You Begin: If your course is currently empty and has no content in it, we recommend first deleting out all course menu items except Notifications and Tegrity Classes. Next follow the instructions below. Once finished importing the interface, move Tegrity Classes to wherever you want it and delete Notifications.

Step 1: Download the export file using the link above. ┬áNote: This is shared in a folder using Google Drive–only download the Zip file to upload to Bb. The other files are there for your use to create a banner.

Step 2: Go to your course in Blackboard where you want to use the Web-enhanced Interface and navigate in the control panel to the Import Package / View Logs page.

Step 3: Import the package you just downloaded (hint: it should be in your downloads folder when you browse) using the Import Package button.

We recommend choosing “Select All” in the Select Course Materials section of this page.