About Us

cetal mission statement

CETAL collaborates with campus partners to create a network of learning communities that drives innovative, high-impact teaching and academic leadership, and equips faculty to thrive professionally and personally.

vision statementCETAL serves UCA faculty by providing connections and opportunities for pedagogical and professional development related to teaching and academic leadership to positively impact student retention and success.

our core values

  • Excellent Teaching – We provide relevant, responsive programming to strengthen faculty and student learning to support academic success.
  • Professional Advancement – We support faculty in their professional development helping them grow and thrive through all stages of their careers. 
  • Collaboration – We facilitate connections to transcend disciplinary boundaries and develop relationships that produce meaningful teaching and leadership outcomes.
  • Belonging – We foster an inclusive community of faculty that grapples with and addresses the unique needs and challenges of UCA’s diverse faculty and students.