Instructional Consultations

Purple registration buttonThe Center for Excellence in Teaching and Academic Leadership provides consulting services to faculty teaching in-person, hybrid, and fully online courses. An instructional consultation focuses on one or more areas of instruction:

  • Course design ( crafting learning objectives, creating the syllabus, structuring the schedule, etc.)
  • Course delivery (presenting content, leading discussions, managing group work, etc.)
  • Assessment of learning (creating assignments, designing tests, providing feedback, etc.)

Mini-consultations related to one or more areas of instruction may occur on an as-needed basis at any stage in the semester.

Full-course consultations are more comprehensive reviews of instruction and generally require several weeks to complete. Full-course consultation may cover one or more aspects of a course from design to delivery to assessment of learning. Typically, these begin with a meeting where the design and objectives of a course are examined and discussed. Over several weeks, consultants observe the course and work with the instructor to identify strengths and opportunities for growth. At the end of the process, consultants provide confidential written feedback that can be used by instructors to help further improve the course and/or help document teaching performance.

Either mini-consultations or full-course consultations can be initiated at any point in the semester. Instructional consultations can be requested via the consultation request form or by contacting Amy Hawkins directly at


Instructional Design Consultations

Faculty who would like to improve the design and delivery of a current online course, or begin the development of a new online course, are invited to contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Academic Leadership to be paired with an instructional designer.  The instructional designer will assist the faculty member in a comprehensive evaluation of his or her current course and provide specific and meaningful strategies to improve delivery.

Instructional design consultations can also be requested via the consultation request form or by contacting Amy Hawkins directly at

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OSCQR Course Review

The Online SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR) rubric is a robust tool for guiding and improving the quality of an online course, as well as ensuring federal and accreditation standards are met. Unlike an instructional design consultation, an OSCQR Course Review is a more collaborative approach, involving the instructional designer, faculty member, and a peer reviewer. For more information, review the OSCQR webpage.