What is Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines (WAC/WID)?

Faculty who adopt Writing Across the Curriculum and Writing in the Disciplines practices integrate writing activities into their courses to facilitate complex understanding of course material and to provide students with instruction and practice in discipline-specific writing.


The WAC/WID initiative at UCA works in collaboration with Academic Affairs, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Leadership, and the Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment and General Education to provide support, training, and resources for courses that are part of the Written Communication Core, including First-Year Seminars and Capstones, as well as for other writing-intensive courses. The coordinator of the WAC/WID initiative is Jen Talbot, Associate Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Information Design. She leads regular workshops on topics such as: aligning writing assignments with the Core rubric, giving effective feedback, teaching writing to first-year students, teaching technical documents, and teaching style and clarity in your discipline.

Contact Jen Talbot at jtalbot@uca.edu to ask a question, schedule a workshop, or request a consultation. Click below for resources.