Promotion and Tenure

As our Mission Statement indicates, being responsive to faculty needs and interests is the driving force behind the Center for Teaching Excellence’s programs and services. Few academic procedures inspire as much interest as the high-risk decisions involved in promotion and tenure. The resources on this page are intended to aid faculty and administrators as they work their way through this important process.

The following materials have been provided through a joint project of The American Council on Education (ACE), The American Association of University Professors (AAUP), and United Educators Insurance.

Good Practice in Tenure Evaluation – Advice for Tenured Faculty, Department Chairs, and Academic Administrators

Overview of the Law on Tenure Appendix A

Checklist for Tenure Policies Appendix B

“Making Defensible Tenure Decisions,” Academe Online (AAUP)

Faculty Focus Special Report (featuring content from Academic Leader) – Faculty Promotion and Tenure – Eight Ways to improve the Tenure Review Process at Your Institution

Faculty Focus Special Report – Philosophy of Teaching Statements – Examples and Tips on How to Write a Teaching Philosophy Statement


Sample Promotion and Tenure Portfolios

In addition to the above online resources for promotion and tenure, CTE has a set of successful promotion and tenure portfolios available for viewing in the Faculty Media Library. A faculty member seeking promotion and tenure may look at these successful portfolios and take notes on their contents. Items in these portfolios may not be reproduced (i.e. photo copied, pictures, etc.) or removed from the IDC suite. For more information, contact the CTE at 450-5240 or