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The College of Business at the University of Central Arkansas strives to provide high quality business education to our undergraduate and graduate students through the delivery of a current, responsive, and innovative curriculum that promotes intellectual and professional development. To fulfill this objective all stakeholders of the College of Business are committed to the ongoing process of assurance of student learning and improvement.

Students in the College of Business’ degree programs are assessed on a variety of core skills including quantitative competency, reasoning, effective communication, teamwork, critical analysis, and understanding of local, national and global business, legal and cultural issues. Assessment takes place each semester using quantifiable measures to gather and analyze information to help continuously improve the educational process.

The links on this page will direct you to general Assurance of Learning information along with annual assessment reports. Assessment information is available to all faculty, college committees, administrators or stakeholders in the improvement of curriculum content or delivery leading to improved student learning and enhancement.

The College of Business Curriculum and Assessment Committee includes representatives from all departments in the College. It is responsible for measuring of student learning in the undergraduate and graduate degree programs along with all curricular modifications and changes to undergraduate and graduate courses and programs.

Assurance of Learning Handbook-8-19-2014

Assurance of Learning Handbook – 9-16-2011

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