Emergency Textbook Grant

This semester, UCA is continuing its program to assist students facing extreme hardship or financial crisis with the purchase of their course textbooks.

To apply, students should go to uca.edu/go/TextbookGrant and complete the online application. The award period will be open from August 16th, 2021, until September 23, 2021, or funds are exhausted.

Eligible students will be: 

  • A full- or part-time student seeking a degree
  • Enrolled at UCA during the semester in which the grant would be received
  • In good standing with Student Accounts
    • Any UCA student account balance with a balance above $100 is on a repayment plan approved by Student Accounts
  • Able to demonstrate exceptional financial need
    • “Exceptional financial need” means that the student’s financial situation is such that without assistance from this program the student will be unable to attend the university or continue a course of study
  • Completed the FAFSA application, if student is a US Citizen
  • Exhausted all other types of financial aid
    • Students must have applied for all aid for which they are eligible, including student loans

Available funds are limited and applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. Award decisions, including what constitutes exceptional need, will be determined by a committee representing the Student Support and Resource Center, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts offices.

For more information, please visit uca.edu/go/TextbookGrant.

Grants are sponsored through funds provided by the Coca-Cola Company, Textbook Brokers, and Aramark.