Emergency Textbook Grants

Emergency Textbook Grants

UCA is dedicated to helping you continue your education no matter what life may throw at you.  Emergency Textbook Grants help undergraduate and graduate students facing a financial crisis to purchase textbooks for their UCA courses.


The Emergency Textbook Grant is a one-time-only* payment of up to $500 meant to help students facing a financial crisis with the purchase of textbooks for UCA courses. If you are able to find a different solution to meet your needs, we strongly suggest you wait to apply for this grant for a future emergency. Emergency textbook grants are awarded for the current academic year only and are not to be used for past-due tuition and fees from previous semesters.

The application period is open during the Spring semester from the Monday before the first day of class in January to the last day of February or whenever funds are exhausted and during the Fall semester from the Monday before the first day of class in August to the last day of September or whenever funds are exhausted.

Are you aware that you can charge your textbooks at the UCA Bookstore before receiving a refund check from financial aid?  First, check your student account to make sure your financial aid is showing.  If it is not showing or if the UCA Bookstore does not show that you have enough available aid to cover your books, please check with the UCA Financial Aid office.

Contact us at (501)852-0704 or studentsupport@uca.edu with any questions or concerns.

*One-time only refers to the entire time a person is a student at UCA regardless of changes in enrollment or classification.


  • A full- or part-time student seeking a degree
  • Enrolled at UCA during the semester in which the grant would be received
  • In good standing with Student Accounts
    • Any UCA student account balance above $200 is on a repayment plan approved by Student Accounts
  • Completed the FAFSA application, if the student is a US Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Eligible Non-Citizen
  • Able to demonstrate exceptional financial need
    • “Exceptional financial need” means that the student’s financial situation is such that without assistance from this program, the student will be unable to attend the university or continue a course of study
  • Exhausted all other types of financial aid
    • Students must have applied for all aid for which they are eligible, including student loans


  1. Apply for emergency assistance by completing the online application during the application period (August in the Fall semester and January in the Spring semester)
  2. Provide appropriate documentation of your exceptional financial need.

Additional information can be found here.


  1. The Emergency Student Support Committee will consider the completed application and take a vote, usually within two business days but may take longer during busy periods.  Applications submitted after 3:00 PM CST will be presented to the committee the following business day.
  2. The student will receive an email stating whether their grant has been denied, partially awarded, or fully awarded.

All decisions of the committee are final.

All awards are physical vouchers which can only be redeemed at the UCA Bookstore.

Grants are sponsored through funds provided by Textbook Brokers and Pepsi.

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