ACRE Guest Speakers – November 13, 2014 – 6:30 pm

ACRE invites you to:

Economic Development and Economic Freedom:
Relevance for Arkansas and the United States
What effect do government rules, regulations, and taxes have on the economy?


November 13, 2014
UCA College of Business Auditorium
6:30 pm


Join us in the UCA College of Business auditorium lobby 15 minutes early for socializing and light refreshments.

Internationally known economists Robert Lawson and Dean Stansel, co-authors of the authoritative and industry-leading Economic Freedom of the World, Economic Freedom of North America, and Metro Economic Freedom indices, will participate in a panel discussion on economic freedom and economic development. Learn how government policies affect economic development at the national, state, and local levels.

Robert Lawson is the Jerome M. Fullinwider Endowed Centennial Chair in Economic Freedom in the O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom in the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University.

Dean Stansel is an Associate Professor of Economics at Florida Gulf Coast University. He has testified before Congress and several state legislatures and is a regular guest on radio and television.

The Arkansas Center for Research in Economics (ACRE) is a research and education center housed in the University of Central Arkansas’ College of Business. ACRE’s primary purpose is to demonstrate that increasing personal and economic freedom within the state will lead to tangible improvements in Arkansans’ daily, personal lives. To learn more, visit”