UCA Celebrates Faculty at Exhibition

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By Christen Danner, » BFA Candidate, Ceramics »

Art Faculty Highlighted in Baum Exhibition

As an art student at UCA, it is extremely valuable for my peers and myself to see the faculty’s work. I was more than willing to write about this experience because of how excited I was to see all of my professor’s efforts within a group show. It is one thing for an artist to teach, but it brings another aspect to the student-teacher relationship when a student can see their professor’s practice. There is also a sense of community created when the faculty gets together and bring enough work to make an excellent show. It is important as a department, that we celebrate the faculty as well as the students. This exhibition was an incredible way to do that. So much time is spent focused on students, but it felt really nice to turn to the professors and show our appreciation for them. It creates a supportive learning environment when both students and professors are acknowledged for their hard work.

There was a range of work shown in a variety of different media. The exhibition shows the breadth of skills that our art department has to offer and the caliber of artists we have the opportunity to work with. Being able to see a mentor’s work allows the student to really understand what is being taught. It is one thing to teach, but leading by example is a valuable tool. If students see that professors are putting the skills they teach into practice, it can inspire students to keep working hard, and to try new ideas.

I am grateful to be a BFA student here at UCA because of the learning environment that faculty, staff, and students have worked together to facilitate. I highly encourage new art students to get involved as soon as they can, because being a part of this community has allowed me to grow so much more than if I had kept to myself. It is a different experience looking at art when you actually know, and have spent time (sometimes, a lot!) with the person who made it. It’s inspiring to see my professors’ work because I know that they were in our position at some point in their lives, and eventually they were able to become professors and influence a new generation of artists. Knowing that the art we saw in the show is a culmination of years of practice and experience is encouraging.

In conclusion, I encourage everyone, not just art students, to take every opportunity provided to see faculty work. It is a valuable learning experience, but also a wonderful opportunity to appreciate and support our hard-working art faculty!