Artist Duo, Peter & Laurie Pincus, visit the UCA campus

View From the Field
By Dr. Liz Smith, Associate Professor

The art department in collaboration with Ceramics and the Baum Gallery hosted artist and master mold maker Peter Pincus with his business/studio partner and wife Laurie Pincus in September 2018.

Baum Gallery at UCA hosts the ceramic works of Peter Pincus, one of two exhibitions in the Fall

Peter gave a whirlwind two-day workshop where he demonstrated the complex mold making process that he uses to create the exquisite works on display in the Baum Gallery, while Laurie, who also works in the studio, demonstrated how they cast their multiple colored vessels. Peters process was mesmerizing. As one student put it, as she was watching him construct an eight-piece mold for a cup handle, “You know how when you see a magic tricks process revealed, and the trick loses its power. This is not like that. Watching you make these molds makes it even more amazing.”

On Wednesday evening Laurie gave a very informative lecture on how she and Peter manage their finances, in an effort to incorporate professional practices as a part of some visiting artist presentations. On Thursday afternoon Peter gave an inspiring artist talk where he covered his personal journey as an artist as well as his contemporary and historical references. Both lectures were full of engaged art students from all media areas. Brian Young, Director of the Baum Gallery, organized and curated the beautiful exhibition Color and Form where the Pincus’ work was on display through October 11th, 2018.

Pay close attention to upcoming announcements about future visiting artists. Photographer Susan Keiser will be visiting and showing her large photographic works November 15th; she will give an artist talk open to the public November 15th at 1:40 on the UCA campus in the McCastlain Building, room 143.

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