Universidad De León



   Leon, Spain

The University of León was founded as autonomous entity since 1979. Most of its studies are concentrated in the city of León, at the Campus de Vegazana. There is a second campus in the city of Ponferrada in the province of León. The ULE offers today a total of 53 higher education degrees taught in 17 Centers by a total of 26 Departments. During academic year 2006/2007 the total number of students was almost 14,000.

 Semester Schedule 

Fall semester: October- December
Spring Semester:  January- June

Course Offerings

Typically students take the equivalent of 12 to 15 credit hours abroad. Check with our office for more information about your specific options.

Primary Language of Instruction: Spanish
Spanish as a Second Language Courses Available.

Check the partner school’s website for additional offerings: Course Offerings

 Assisting UCA Professor

Contact this professor for more information on courses and credits.

Dr. John Parrack, Associate Professor, Spanish

Dr. John Parrack

Irby 207C • Department of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, & Cultures

johncp@uca.edu •(501) 450-5120


Students should check with Financial Aid Office and the Study Abroad Office for more information regarding the budget.

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