Jesuit University of Guadalajara (ITESO)


Jesuit University of Guadalajara 
   Guadalajara, Mexico

According to the ITESO website, ITESO is known for its academic excellence, a profound concern for both local and global contexts, and its commitment to the improvement of people’s living conditions. Its comprehensive educational project looks to develop intelligence and sensitivity, to educate free and socially responsible young men and women for life, in an environment that is ideal for discovering and growing.

ITESO is the Jesuit University of Guadalajara. Founded in 1957, it belongs to a network of over 228 Jesuit universities around the world. They all share a 450-year-old tradition of Jesuit education, a tradition that has historically been at the center of world thought, known for educating leaders in all the fields of science and art.

 Semester Schedule 

Fall Semester: August-December
Spring Semester: January-May

Course Offerings

Typically students take the equivalent of 12 to 15 credit hours abroad. Students can study abroad with ITESO and learn Spanish while being immersed in the daily life and culture of a Spanish speaking country.

Students who are not proficient in Spanish may take one to three courses taught in English related to fields such as business, humanities and social sciences, plus Spanish language study at beginners or intermediate level. View the following link for a list of available courses taught in English instruction: Courses in English

For students studying Spanish, they should have a B2 level and take any available class on campus for which they meet the prerequisites. All students take classes with ITESO students (with the exception of the Spanish language course).

Check the partner school’s website for additional offerings.

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 Assisting UCA Professor

Contact this professor for more information on courses and credits.

Dr. Alejandro González Landeros, Assistant Professor, Spanish

Dr. Alejandro González Landeros

Irby 425 • Department of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, & Cultures  • (501) 852-2563


Students should check with Financial Aid Office and the Study Abroad Office for more information regarding the budget.

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