Internship II Resources

The resources below are for music education students currently placed in an Internship II field experience. The intent of the forms is to guide students through completion of all required assignments for the music education Internship II field experience.

Course Resources

Spring 2018 Intern II Weekly Assignment Calendar

Intern II Syllabus Spring 2018

Handbook for Internship II Candidates 2017

Music Education Internship II Policies

Internship II Absence Google Form

Link to form

Lesson Observation Documents *Note: Lesson Observations #1, 2, and 4 by University supervisor.  Lesson Observation #3 is a mentor observed lesson.

Elementary Music Lesson Plan

Secondary Music Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Analysis

Lesson Reflection

For Lesson Observation #3 (Mentor Observed Lesson) only:

Formative Observation Form (Give to mentor in advance to use during observation to take notes)

Video Annotations #1 & 2:

Video Annotation Guide

TESS Guides & Rubrics:

TESS Orientation Guide

TESS Formative Observation Form

Copyright guidelines do not permit the publishing of the TESS 22 Summative assignment rubric to be posted to the web. Please see Chalk & Wire or email from your University supervisor for this rubric.

Other Assignments & Guides

Teacher Candidate Information Form

Philosophy of Education & Rubric

Parent Letter/Permission to Videotape Form

Lesson Observation Log

Lesson Observation Form for Interns

Teacher Dispositions Questions (Responses submitted on Journals 7 & 13 in place of journal entries)

Teacher Dispositions Rubric

UCA Professionalism Reflection (mid-term)

Field Placement Hours Entry Instructions (mid-term)

Unit Plan Guide & Rubric

Unit Daily Lesson Plan Template (non-observed lessons)

Impact on Student Learning Guide

Impact on Student Learning Rubric

Impact on Student Learning Excel Worksheet Template

Impact on Student Learning Walk-Thru Video

UCA Professionalism Reflection (summative)

Field Placement Hours Entry Instructions (summative)

Final Presentation Guidelines