SLANT Summer 2016: Table of Contents

 Contents: Slant 30 (2016)


Mark Brazaitis                         About Those Old Prom Pictures You


Bobby Steve Baker                  Dulce

June Frankland Baker            “1543 in from Far East”

John Bate                                   Box-Turtle

Gabriella M. Belfiglio            When I Am Asked

Doug Bolling                             Blackbird Watch

Beverly Boyd                            Orbits

Gaylord Brewer                       For Now

Shirley J. Brewer                     Modern Torso of Apollo

Richard Broderick                   Cold Mountain

Susana H. Case                          Hollowing Out

Linda Casebeer                         Hook and Eye

Duane K. Caylor                       My Father’s Oaks

Stephen Cloud                           Broken Main

Joan Colby                                 Forests of the North

Robert Cooperman                  Learning Hebrew

Ken Craft                                   Cause of Unconsciousness: Great


Philip Dacey                              The Lifeguard

Leo Dangel                                 The Fabric of Glamour

Holly Day                                   My Grandmother’s Lost Days

Laura English                           Lupita’s Curse

Mike Finley                                Sneeze

Elton Glaser                              Storm Damage

Paulette Guerin                         The Lady Eve

David Hathwell                         Through My Window

Hayley Mitchell Haugen        Hannah among the Graves

Elizabeth Haukaas                   The Sacred Wood

Ruth Holzer                               Taoism

Paul Hostovsky                         Lagomorph

Marc Jampole                           It Must Be Raindrops, So Many


Ted Jonathan                            Protection                                            

Cindy King                                 Fall

Robert King                               Sunday School Flannel-Board

Ron Koertge                              Blondie’s Secrets Revealed at Last

Sandra Kohler                          Echoes

Bruce Lader                              Angel Classifieds

Marcia LeBeau                         Dyke Jam

Emily Leider                         The End of Breakfast Chez Mme.


Jack Liskin                                Planet Home

Peter Ludwin                             Remembering Theodore Roethke after

a Return to the University of


Mary Makofske                        Broken French, Monuments of Latin

Vicki Mandell-King                 Believing Is Seeing

Joyce Meyers                            Even in Rain

Michael Milburn                      The Couple That Doesn’t Invite Us


Sheryl L. Nelms                        Marshall County Blizzard

Philip Paris                                My Child

Marjorie Power                        Pyre

Donna Pucciani                         Change of Seasons

Charles Rammelkamp            Party Talk

John Repp                                  Over the Phone

Tim Robbins                              There, There

Stephen R. Roberts                   Suction Party

Al Rocheleau                             Orange Blossom Trail

Dennis Ross                                Hanging On

Michael Salcman                      Sea Island Georgia Pastoral

Carmella Santorelli                 Chilean Strawberries

Nancy Scott                                Clearing the Underbrush

Zvi A. Sesling                            Eleven Guys, USN, 1968

Lee Slonimsky                           Benches

Matthew J. Spireng                  It’s Always Something

Carol Steinhagen                      Borrowing and Lending

David Stephenson                     Disconnected

Barton Sutter                             What Happened up in Uppsala

Marc Swan                                 Creature Comfort

William Trowbridge               The Hereford Wheel

Dennis Trudell                          Threesome

Mark Vogel                                What Is Repeated

Ashley Warren                          How to Make a Hard-Boiled Egg

Charles Harper Webb             A Child Has Wandered onto the

Baseball Field