SLANT Summer 2017: Table of Contents


Susan Richardson                     Our Father in the Guise of an



Jeffrey Alfier                            Your Side of Odessa


Tobi Alfier                                 When Boys Become Men

June Frankland Baker            After Reading A Night to Remember

Cathy Barber                            One Night

John Beall                                  Parasailing

Kristin Berkey-Abbott            Vow of Stability

Scott Blackwell                         Another Sailor, Lost at Sea

CL Bledsoe                                 A Cloud of Blackbirds

Beverly Boyd                            Sartorial Patience

Gaylord Brewer                       5:00 A.M. Lesson

Shirley J. Brewer                     The Language of Hair

Christopher Brooks                 Soup Sandwich

Brandy Burrows                       For Adults, Who Don’t Want

Teenagers to Have Sex

Melissa Cannon                        Death Takes a Holiday

Ted Charnley                            Once and Future Kings

Robert Cooperman                  On Mickey Katz

Brian Daldorph                        Chameleon                                                          

Jim Daniels                                Grinding the Pepper

Marsha de la O                         Hey Dave

Matthew Duffus                        Pulp

David Allan Evans                   Mid-November, Looking At a

Dictionary of Cliches

Elton Glaser                              Vermeer in Vermont

John Grey                                  Welcome to the Natural World

Evie Groch                                 A City in the Stans of Central Asia

Diane Hanna                              Night Flight

Daniel A. Harris                       What about Speaking?

AE Hines                                     Why Not the Sun?

Paul Hostovsky                                     Poem                                                                                                                              

David James                              A Couple Dozen Springs

Marc Jampole                           Outrunning Rain

Grayson Jones                          New Fredonia Road                                                               

Pearl Karrer                             Kachinas

Karen Klein                               Autumnal

Steve Knepper                           History Teacher

Sandra Kohler                          Making Friends with It: A Suite

Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka        Leaving Home, I Thought of You

Lyn Lifshin                                My Sister Says But Doesn’t Everyone

Waste Their Life?

Jack Liskin                              Jungle Nature Study

Peter Ludwin                             Investment

Judy Maher                               Final Innings

Gene McCormick                     Blood Orange

Ron McFarland                        Citizens of the World

Lynn McGee                              Questions about Her Car

Joyce Meyers                            Return to Ridley Creek

Maren O. Mitchell                    A Is an Article to Anchor

Janice Moore                            Jimmy: A Childhood

Catherine Moran                      Across the Asphalt

James B. Nicola                        The Point of Now

Lance Nizami                            Adrian

Sudie Nostrand                          In the Bedroom Overlooking

Clarke W. Owens                      Horse Burial

Carol L. Park                            The Keeper’s Manifesto

George Perreault                     Ernest Coldwell: Granddaddy

Marjorie Power                        Curb Appeal

Wanda S. Praisner                   August’s End

Donna Pucciani                         In Transit

Charles Rammelkamp            Falling Short

Karolyn Redoute                      To a Woman Somewhere on the

Autism Spectrum

R. Resetarits                            Saturdary Morning on an English


Tim Robbins                              Breaking the Diaries

Claire Scott                                Spare Me

Nancy Scott                                Locking Horns

Jim Scutti                                   On His Own Somwhere

Doug Smith                                Homeless Shelter Blues

John Smith                                 The Sound of Music

Matthew J. Spireng                Huxley with Corn

David Stephenson                     Merlin

Bonnie Stanard                         Mother Tongue

Jacqueline Sullivan                 Translating the Aeneid

Marc Swan                                 Beyond Photoshop

Mark Taksa                               Spy

Dennis Trudell                          Chain Net

Helen Tzagoloff                       Married Life, 1912

Mark Vogel                             Reading the Centennial History of

Jackson, Missouri

Charles Harper Webb           Will You Do a Galliard with Me?

Megan Welch                         Black Sock, Yellow Sock

Helen Wickes                         Borderland

Steven Winn                           Orchard

George Witte                             If I Were You

David W. Worrell                      Handy Man