Advisory Committee

Committee Members

  • Ginny Adams, Associate Professor of Biology, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Candice Barnes, Assistant Professor of Education, College of Education
  • Donna Bowman, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Honors College
  • Lorrie George-Paschal, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy, College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
  • Ken Griffin, Interim Associate Dean of the College of Business
  • Joe Howard, Associate Professor of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts

Permanent Members

  • Kurt Boniecki, Associate Professor of Psychology, Associate Provost for Instructional Support
  • Lesley Graybeal, Service-Learning Program Coordinator, Division of Outreach and Community Engagement
  • Amy Hawkins, Associate Professor of Communication, Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Peter Mehl*, Service-Learning Faculty Liaison, Professor of Philosophy & Religion, Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
  • Shelley Mehl, Associate Vice President of Outreach and Community Engagement

*Committee Chair