Engineering Physics

The Engineering Physics track in the Physics BS at UCA is an engineering degree that focuses on robotics and automation. Students will study a number of different areas of engineering: mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering to prepare them to work in this field of robotics. Students who complete this degree will be prepared to work in any field where automation is an important component; modern manufacturing, transportation automation (self driving cars and trucks), modern warehouses, and many more areas.

The Engineering Physics program is a 126 hour program and is very tightly laid out. The curriculum has been developed to support future accreditation through ABET (anticipated in fall 2022). Below is an example of a 4-year plan for graduation.

Year 1
Fall – 14 hours Spring – 15 hours
MATH 1496 LDC-1.1 Calculus I MATH 1497 Calculus II
PHYS 1441 LDC-1.2 University Physics 1 PHYS 1442 University Physics 2
ENGR 1301 LDC-4 FYS Intro to Engineering CSCI 1470 Computer Science I
LD* Core LDC-2.1 LD* Core LDC-2.2
Year 2
Fall – 15 hours Spring – 16 hours
MATH 2471 Calculus III ENGR 2447 Electronics
PHYS 2443  University Physics 3 ENGR 3311 Dynamics
CSCI 1480  Computer Science II MATH 3331 UDC-C Differential Equations
ENGR 2311 Statics LD* Core LDC-1.5 (SS)
LD* Core LDC-1.4 (History or Govt)
Year 3
Fall – 18 hours Spring – 17 hours
PHYS 3360 Electricity & Magnetism I PHYS 3361 Electricity & Magnetism II
ENGR 3421 Robotics I ENGR 3410 Microcontrollers
ENGR 3447 Micro-Electronics ENGR 4421 Robotics II
Engineering Elective 4 hrs PHIL 3320 UDC-I,R Ethics
WRTG 3310 UDC-C Technical Writing LD* Core LDC-2.3
Year 4
Fall – 15 hours Spring – 16 hours
ENGR 4311 Senior Design I ENGR 4312 UDC-Z Senior Design II
Physics Elective 3 hours Engineering Elective 3 hours
Engineering Elective 3 hours BIOL 1400 LDC-1.3
LD* Core LDC-1.6 (FA) LD* Core LDC-3.2 (SS)
LD* Core LDC-3.1 (Hum) UD* Core UDC-D


*Courses must be chosen to satisfy the lower division (LD) and upper division (UD) UCA General Education Core. Refer to these links to decode the core course suggestions: for example, LDC-2.1 means Lower Division Core – Effective Communication(2).Writing Foundation(1) because “Effective Communications” is the 2nd of the four main core competencies and “Writing Foundation” is the 1st subcategory within Effective Communications.” Another example, LDC-3.2 (SS) means Lower Division Core – Diversity(3).Diversity in World Cultures(2) (Social Science Course) because “Diversity” is the third of the four main core competencies and “Diversity in World Cultures” is the second subcategory within “Diversity”. An (SS) or (Hum) or (FA) designation means your selection must be of that course type.