Advisory Boards 2023-2024

Executive Advisory Committee


Meeting – 11/13/2023
Meeting – 2/14/2024

Members Present:

 Michael Mills, Associate Dean, UCA; Donna Wake, Assessment Director, UCA; Sunny Styles-Foster, Interim Department Chair, UCA; Bethany Ratermann, Senior Director of Communications, LISA Academy; Elise Hampton, Principal, North Little Rock Middle School , 7-8; Holly Howard, Teacher Bentonville High School; Karen Norton, Instructional Specialist, Arch Ford ESC; Karen Lasker, Director of Recruitment and Student Services, Conway School District; Quintin Cain, Principal, Dunbar Middle School, LRSD; and Julie Workman, Teacher Center Coordinator, Arch Ford ESC 



Initial Programs

Elementary K-6

Meeting – 4/18/2024

Members Present:

Ashley Cox (UCA), Jamie Dallas (UCA), Jenny Chism, McKinley Green, Dee Dee Cain (UCA), Janet Filer (UCA), Tina Cope, Ashley Wilson (UCA), Stefanie Sorbet (UCA), Gary Logan, Carise Echols, Amber Brantley (UCA), Dayna Lewis, Mark Lewis, and Sunny Styles-Foster (UCA – ELSE Interim Department Chair)


Middle Level

Meeting – 5/13/2024

Participating Members: Dawn McLain (North Little Rock- teacher), Naomi Sexson (Conway- teacher), Anthony Miller (Greenbrier – teacher), Gina James (North Little Rock – teacher), Janie Walburn (Conway-
teacher), Jennifer Barber (Conway- teacher), Jessica Franklin (Conway- teacher), Elise Hampton (North Little Rock- principal), Christon McClure (North Little Rock – teacher)

Special Education (UG, MAT)




MAT (K-6, 4-8, 7-12)




Advanced Programs








Meeting – 5/10/2024

Members Present:

Brandon Rout, Sarah Cooper, Mike Gray, Alicia Cotabish (UCA), Rachelle Miller (UCA), and Nykela Jackson (UCA).



Meeting – 11/16/2023

Members Present:

Kirsten Wilson, ASCD-ISTE; Derek Ratchford, EAST facilitator, Sonora Middle School-Springdale School District; Lisa Russell, Arch Ford Education Cooperative; Vicki Parish, Instructional Designer UCA, ITEC program Alum; Stephanie Best, Clinical Instructor ITEC; and Dr. Allison Freed, Coordinator of ITEC program



Meeting – 12/04/2023

Members: Dr. Erin Shaw; Dr. Jud Copeland; Dr. Jeff Whitthingham; Ms. Anne Cowie; Ms. Brittany Fleming; Ms. Ouida Cunningham; Ms. Cassandra Barnett






 School Counseling

Meeting – 2/12/2024

Members Present:

Millie Engler, Rebecca Camarigg, Melinda Shuffield, Dr. Odunola Oyeniyi (UCA), and Dr. Valerie Couture (UCA – Advisory Board Chair)





Special Education – (BK, GC, MSE, Resource)





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