Notetaking Services

What is a Note Taking Accommodation?

A Note Taking Accommodation is one of several accommodations that may be given to a student with a disability. Most students with a disability are able to attend class regularly; however, their disability may interfere with their ability to take notes.

Notes provided by a volunteer note taker help these students fill in the gaps in their own notes, or provide notes for those unable to take their own notes due to a variety of reasons. This type of accommodation is meant to supplement the student’s own abilities and efforts and does not preclude their responsibility to attend class regularly, participate fully, and record notes to the best of their ability.

How Does Note Taking Accommodation Work?

The instructor will receive a Faculty Notification Letter that will contain the Note Taker Announcement. The faculty member will then announce the need for a volunteer note taker in the class without identifying the DRC student. Another helpful way to announce that a note taker is needed would be to share the announcement portion of the letter through an email to the class roster or within Blackboard.

Students who wish to take notes for a course will sign up to be a note taker through our new myDRC Online database. The note taker and DRC student are matched in our database by CRN. The note taker will upload notes to myDRC. The DRC student will obtain the notes via download from the database.

Volunteer Note Taker Announcement

Note takers now receive a $100 gift card reward per course for completed service! Completed service includes: Online note taker training, regular class attendance, legible and accurate notes, and timely delivery of notes to myDRC Online at least once per week (preferably after each class meeting).

Please see note taker announcement below. Please maintain the confidentiality of the DRC student in your course. You can chose to announce in class and/or copy the statement below and share with your course roster via email or blackboard.

A student in this class requires a note taker.  If you are willing to upload your notes and plan to attend class on a REGULAR basis, please sign up via the DRC Online Services on the Disability Resource Center (DRC) website On the DRC homepage, click on “Sign Up as a Note taker”. At the end of the semester you will receive $100 gift card upon completed service which includes: note taker training, legible accurate notes, and timely delivery of notes to myDRC Online. All interested students are encouraged to sign up.  Please contact the Disability Resource Center at if you have any questions.

Other Ways To Provide Note Taking Accommodation

Common ways to provide note taking accommodations include the following:

  • Guided notes: Guided notes are outlines or copies of presentation overheads provided by the instructor, with spaces or blanks that the student can fill in during the lecture. Guided notes encourage student participation during class and minimize the amount of writing required to keep up with the information being presented.
  • Instructor lecture notes
  • Audio recordings

Students may also be approved to use one of the following:

•Audio recorder: Some students find that taping lectures is an effective technique for obtaining lecture material.

• LiveScribe Smart Pen: Records lecture while students take notes.

Information for Note Takers

Note Taker Award

Note takers now earn $100 gift card per course for completed service!

Completed service includes:

To Sign up as a note taker:

Follow the directions and video guide on this page: How To sign up as a notetaker 

How the Online Note taking system works

  • After submitting your class schedule you will see a green circle with a check mark when your submission is accepted
  • We will now match you with the student you will be taking notes for enrolled in the course
  • You will receive an email confirmation when you have been assigned to take notes and you will now start uploading notes! Click here for instructions on uploading notes. This email will also contain instructions for completing training.
  • You will be required to take an online note taker training course within 30 days of being assigned.
  • Online Training:
    • Navigate to: DRC Note Taker Training
    • Fill out your information, complete training, and then take a short quiz at the end.
    • We will receive confirmation when you have completed the training.

How to upload Notes:

View this link: How to Upload Notes to myDRC

*For Frequently Asked Questions Click Here!

DRC Student Responsibilities

  • Students who are pre-approved for Note Taker Accommodations must request a note taker using the myDRC Online database. This allows us match note takers with DRC students.
  • Students must also confirm their note taking assignment in myDRC online after classes start so the DRC knows they do need a note taker for that course. (Some courses are non-lecture based and will not need a note taker).
  • Meet instructor during office hours to discuss the Faculty Notification Letter and note taking accommodation needs.
  • It is imperative that students notify our office immediately if they are not receiving notes for a class. We will assist them in any way that we can, as long as we are informed that there is an issue.