OARS Student Registration

To begin the registration process, a student must:

  • Complete the  OARS Student Registration Online form
  • Submit documentation of disability.  (This can be done during the online registration process)
  • Schedule an appointment with a member of the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services staff.

To Fill Out New Student Registration refer to the following steps:

  1. Go to uca.edu/disability
  2. Click on “OARS Student Registration
  3. Fill out all areas of application
  4. Ensure correct ID# (should be 9 digits and start with a “B”)
  5. If unsure of disability select “other”
  6. Submit (after entering text in the captcha box)
  7. Now it takes you to upload documentation
  8. Please upload documentation here if possible so we can review (You can also upload later by clicking on link in confirmation email)
  9. You should get a confirmation email with more information
  10. At this point please call our office at 501-450-3613 to set up your appointment