Courtesy Cart Services

About Courtesy Cart Services

Courtesy Cart Services is provided to UCA students with temporary and permanent physically disabling conditions.  Courtesy Cart Services transportation is only provided to and from locations that UCA Shuttle Services (free shuttle) does not serve.  This service is provided solely for your educational use and cannot be used for recreational or personal use. Students using this service will have two weeks to get a doctor’s note in order to continue to use this service.  Service is provided between the hours of 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, on days classes are in session.  

Visitors who contact OARS to request cart services will be referred to the OARS Transportation Coordinator, who will share available times for pickup.  The OARS Transportation cell phone number is 501-269-2593.


Follow the directions below to request Courtesy Cart Services as a person who experiences temporary or permanent physical disabilities:

  1. Fill out an online application with the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services
  2. Set up and complete an intake appointment with an OARS Advisor.
  3. Submit documentation/letter from your health care provider to Office of Accessibility Resources and Services, Student Health Building, Ste. 212 or  email

Your qualified professional documentation must include the following:

  1. The nature of the disability or your specific need for the cart service
  2. List any specific conditions/requirements you may need
  3. The length of time you will require service
  4. Physician/certified health provider authorizations/ approval to be transported in a cart

The Office of Accessibility Resources and Services reserves the right to verify your need and service time with your healthcare provider. The Office of Accessibility Resources and Services must approve rider of the cart service

Rider’s Responsibility

Riders must be at their pickup points at the scheduled pickup time and location. 

– The rider is required to be visible at the pickup point. The rider should watch for the cart, as the driver may not see or know the rider.
– Cart service assumes no responsibility for late arrivals to pick up points. Driver will wait approximately 2 minutes past scheduled pick up time before moving to the next pick up.
– If the driver misses a rider, the driver will return (provided rider has called) after other scheduled pickups have been completed. Call Cart Service at (501) 852-0267 if you miss your ride.
– If unexpected changes to your schedule occur, please call OARS Cart Services as soon as possible. Please be aware there may be a delay in pick up/drop off.
– Please make sure all items are secure while riding in the cart. UCA, OARS, Courtesy Cart Services, nor their staff will be responsible for damaged or lost items.

 It is the rider’s responsibility to notify the cart service (501) 852-0267 at least 24 hours  in advance any time you do not need service. A rider with an excessive or continuous pattern of “No-Shows” (3 or more no shows) may have their service cancelled.  Notify the cart service at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled pickup(s) if you do not need a ride for a particular day/time or you need to change your schedule.

Cart Rider Information

Riders who commute to campus are encouraged to park in the student parking lot next to the Physical Plant. This will provide a central location for commuter pick up/drop off.

Since the carts run on a very tight schedule, and multiple students may have scheduled rides during the same pick-up and drop-off times, you may occasionally be late to your destination due to the cart services schedule only within the first two weeks of the semesters.  

Rides to classes and labs are first priority.  Other rides (such as dorms, bus stops, parking lots, etc.) are of low priority and are scheduled after all rides to classes/labs have been completed.

A certified healthcare provider must approve the extension of cart service past the original expiration date.

OARS Cart Services does not provide transportation during medical emergencies. Please call UCAPD at (501) 450-3111 or dial 911.

You are required to treat the drivers, office staff and other passengers with respect at all times. Inappropriate language and/or behavior are unacceptable. Failure to do so will result in suspension of Courtesy Cart Services.