College Bound Arkansas

The words College Bound with a globe wearing a graduation cap and the word Arkansas underneathThe transition to college is a challenge for any student. For students with disabilities who need accommodations to access services and programs, the transition can be even more challenging.

College Bound Arkansas

College Bound Arkansas will increase students’ knowledge of accommodations, assistive technologies, leadership skills, and other exciting aspects of college life. The program is open to entering high school juniors, seniors and college freshmen who reside in Arkansas.

At College Bound Arkansas Students will:

  • Participate in workshops covering topics such as self advocacy, transitioning, assistive
    technologies, and college survival skills
  • Interact with college students who also have disabilities
  • Spend three days on a college campus
  • Interact with college bound peers


Am I college bound?

  • “What do colleges have in the way of assistance?”
  • “What accommodations and services do I need to be successful in college?
  • “Do the colleges I’m interested in offer this assistance?”
  • “What type of college best serves my needs and interests?”

Parents Invited!

Parents are invited to attend College Bound Arkansas with their student.  It is an opportunity for parents to acquire valuable transition information and learn about their changing role as the parents of a college student. Workshops will include:

  • The differences between Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004)
  • Student’s rights and responsibilities
  • Resources
  • New Parent Role
  • Parents will also have the opportunity to interact with college service providers and college students with disabilities.