Captioning Services Directions for Videos

Captioning Services Directions for Kaltura Videos

  1. Email with the name of the video and when it is needed.
  2. You will receive an email with the user ID of a student worker
  3. In Kaltura assign the student worker as co-editor of the video (for directions go to Changing media owners to collaborators)
  4. The student worker will edit the video, adding captions to the video
  5. The student worker will email the faculty to notify that the video is completed.

Captioning Services Directions for Non Kaltura Videos

Prior to submitting videos for captioning services, click on the following link to ensure fair use agreement guidelines are followed

  1. Email to request the link to the google drive file
  2. The file will be shared
  3. Upload the video file to the drive- Be sure to provide the faculty name and date the video is needed.
  4. Once captioning services have been completed an email will be sent to notify that the video is in the file completed.