Privately Funded Scholarships & Endowments

Through the generosity of private support, the UCA Foundation offers scholarships to students in the UCA College of Business. Applications for College of Business specific scholarship are available typically on January 1st for the next academic year — deadline for most scholarship is mid-March.

StudentCollege of Business Scholarship Application Form

In addition to the College of Business specific scholarships listed below, applicants are encouraged to review the entire listing of Privately Funded Scholarships. Please visit the UCA Foundation, Inc. and UCA Alumni Association for additional scholarship opportunities.

Accounting Partner Scholarships
♦ Bell & Company PA
♦ Fred & Louise Malpica Scholarship (Junior, Senior, or Grad Students)
♦ Hudson-Cisne & Company
♦ JPMS Cox (Undergraduate Only)
♦ Stephens-Bell
♦ Thomas & Thomas LLP

Qualifications for all Accounting Partner Scholarships include:
♦ Full-time enrollment in the MAcc Program (minimum 9 hrs)
♦ Maintaining minimum GPA of 3.0 and full admission in the MAcc Program.
♦ Any student not meeting eligibility criteria in any semester will forfeit the remainder of the scholarship
♦ A grade of “C” in any class will cause a student to forfeit the remainder of the scholarship

For additional information, contact the Dr. Tom Oxner, Department of Accounting Chair, at (501) 450-3108.

Arch Ford Scholarship
♦ For full-time student majoring in business. Consideration may be given to financial need. Contact the College of Business, (501) 450-3106.

Burdick/McAlister Scholarship
♦ For full-time students majoring in geography or business who are citizens of the United States and who demonstrate financial need. Entering freshmen eligibility: minimum high school GPA of 2.75 and ACT of 24 or above. Current student eligibility: 2.75 or above cumulative GPA. Contact the UCA Foundation, (501) 450-5859.

COB Insurance & Risk Management Scholarship
♦ For full-time students majoring in Insurance & Risk Management in the UCA College of Business. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. For additional information and application forms, contact the Center for Insurance & Risk Management, (501) 852-2360.

Conque Family Scholarship
♦ For full-time student with demonstrated financial need and a GPA of 2.50 or above. First preference given to business majors. Contact the UCA Foundation, (501) 450-5859.

Homer Lee Saunders Scholarship
♦ For full-time students in the College of Business. Selection based upon academic performance, personal drive, and some consideration may be given to need. Contact the Office of the Dean at (501) 450-3106.

Fred and Louise Malpica Scholarship
♦ For junior or senior full-time students majoring in accounting (with plans to become a CPA) and cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Contact the Department of Accounting, (501) 450-3108.

Stephen L. Strange, Sr. Excellence in Insurance
♦ For full-time students accepted into the insurance/business program at UCA College of Business. Contact the Center for Insurance & Risk Management, (501) 852-2360.