UCA College of Business Unveils the Dr. Conrad Carroll Society Annual Giving Wall on UCA’s 9th Annual Day of Giving

Members of UCA and College of Business leadership unveiled the Dr. Conrad Carroll Society annual giving wall today on UCA’s 9th annual Day of Giving. Honored guests in attendance included Dr. Conrad Carroll, his wife Theda, his son, and his daughter in law, there to share in the historical moment.

Educational excellence requires resources, and the Dr. Conrad Carroll Society will provide the UCA College of Business with the resources to invest in its programs and people. This annual giving program will position the college to pursue unique opportunities as fresh possibilities emerge and ensure that the college is positioned to thrive in the years ahead.

“We have built a comprehensive college of business and we are providing our students with a remarkable and powerful education. I want to thank Dr. Carroll for his years of strong leadership and recognize the foundation he helped build for our world-class College of Business,” said College of Business Dean, Dr. Michael Hargis. “This program will help us continue to celebrate his lasting legacy for years to come.”

The Dr. Conrad Carroll Society allows the UCA College of Business to say ‘yes’ —–

Yes to scholarships for exceptional students,
Yes to applied, hands-on learning experiences,
Yes to world-class research and service opportunities, and
Yes to programs that provide transformational experiences for our students and positively impact our community

Those who say yes to the Dr. Conrad Carroll Society will directly impact the College of Business by providing support for people and programs.

  • By supporting people, the College of Business can provide more enhanced professional development to its faculty, assist students in paying for certifications, and send students to conferences and competitions.
  • By supporting programs, the college can enhance classrooms as technology evolves, purchase state of the art equipment, and provide outreach.

The Dr. Conrad Carroll Society recognizes the highest level of leadership in annual giving to the UCA College of Business. Members of the Dr. Conrad Carroll Society will see their names proudly displayed within the college lobby to inspire future leaders who walk the halls.

Along with unveiling, the college announced three levels of giving:

  • Emerging Leader: $1,000 annually (10×6)
  • Society Member: $3,000 annually (10×14)
  • Executive Member: $5,000 annually (22×14)

Finally, the College of Business thanked those who have already pledged to join the Dr. Conrad Carroll Society, specifically for the partnerships and generous support that has gotten the college to where it is today.

Anyone who would like to make a pledge to join should contact the college’s Senior Director of Development, Mrs. Jaime Briggs at (501) 852-1263.