Innovation Challenge 2: Due October 2, 2022

Feedback from all types of industries continues to speak to the desire for more creative, innovative, and problem-solving talent. COB has launched this challenge series to help students develop and exhibit their talents in innovation. Get ready to compete!

WHO: Any UCA student is welcome to enter this challenge whether you attend UCA online or in person.
WHAT: Imagine Lab Innovation Challenge 2: The Celebration Challenge
Video submissions are due by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, October 2, 2022.
WHY: (1) Prizes. (2) Entry into Tournament of Champions. (3) Bragging rights on your resume.

For challenge 2, select a day in September and tell us how to celebrate it in a big way. Is it a gift-giving occasion? Are specific foods available? At a minimum, bring people together for a celebratory event with this challenge.

One option is to select an existing September day that you believe deserves more festivities (see listings). Labor Day is one such day that is perhaps not celebrated to the magnitude of October’s Halloween. Another option is to create your own “day.” Either way, make it as grand as your favorite holiday. 

Using tools found in the Imagine Lab (3rd Floor of UCA’s College of Business), design a big-time celebration that brings people together. Then, make a video of yourself highlighting all the specifics. Upload that video to YouTube and share a link via this form. Please know that the video can be as long as you want, but only the first two (2) minutes will be viewed for prize consideration.

Prizes are gift cards valued at $100 for the best big day, $50 for second, and $25 for third. First prize gains entry into the Tournament of Champions set for November 16.

For on-campus students, the Imagine Lab has simple innovation tools available for use.  If students need Imagine Lab access or access to COB over the weekend, they can email for more information.  For online students, accessing the Imagine Lab is not a requirement to participate.

Want to know more about the first challenge? Check out the competition.

Email for questions or details. Department of Marketing & Management: 

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