Student Fulbright Grant Opportunities – Info session Tuesday, Nov 9, 2021

Student Fulbright Grant Opportunities

Info session Tuesday, Nov 9, 2021

Outstanding juniors and seniors interested in going abroad after graduation to do research, to begin a graduate program, or to teach English are encouraged to attend an informational meeting about Student Fulbright grant opportunities on Tuesday, November 9, at X period in the Farris Residence Hall Presentation Room. (Look for the single glass door facing the HPER Center.)  To be eligible, students must be American citizens. The application season for anyone wishing to go abroad in the 2023-24 academic year will open next March.  Completed applications will be due in September 2022, which will allow time for campus interviews before final submission in mid-October. The application process can be somewhat involved, which is why interested students must get an early start. Juniors and seniors thinking of applying should be sure to visit and to attend this informational meeting. At that time, the types of awards available and the various steps required to apply will be reviewed. These are prestigious awards, and the competition for them is tough. But UCA students CAN WIN! Just ask Casey Gambill, Morgan Poole Evatt, Kathy Hill, Brittany Edwardes, Madison Sewell, Danny Baxter, Chloe Moorehead-Spellman, Alex Battaglia, or Sophia Ordaz–all UCA alums, and all Student Fulbright winners!