Advice from Alumni: Nato Silue

With the start of fall semester, our College of Business (COB) alumni are sending their best advice. Recent alumna Tchetahan Natogoma (Nato) Silue, COB class of 2020, believes that the supportive environment fostered by the faculty and advisors is something students should embrace.

“Don’t be scared to approach your professors. They are there for you and want you to succeed,” said Silue. “Everyone was supportive which boosted my learning experience.”

Silue graduated from the UCA College of Business in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and a minor in Computer Science. Why students should take note of her prudent advice? One might say Silue was successful student with her accomplishments and awards including:

Looking back on her time in the College of Business, Silue said she enjoyed working on IT projects, being a part of the Business Information Technology (BIT) Club, which allowed her to learn and get to know several companies, and growing close to faculty.

“I want to create an organization or foundation to help promote IT education in my hometown and other places across the world,” said Silue. “There are places with little access to technology. I grew up in a place like that and I want to change it.”

She added, “My professors were very kind and helpful. My advisor and other professors impacted me in a way they couldn’t imagine. Dr. [Jeff] Hill has always been available and has given me advice after graduation. I will always be grateful for all his help.”

Silue is now pursuing a Master of Information Systems at Walton College of Business (University of Arkansas Fayetteville) and serves as a graduate assistant for their Blockchain Center of Excellence.

Although she has moved on from UCA, she remembers her time fondly saying, “I am an alumna of UCA, but UCA is a family to me and will remain in my heart!”

She says she definitely recommends the College of Business to new, returning, and prospective students because the faculty are experts as well as supportive.