UCA Expands Computer Information Systems & Analytics Degree Options to Address Changing Business Environment

The University of Central Arkansas (UCA) is offering new degree and certificate options through its Computer Information Systems and Analytics (CISA) department, expanding opportunities for CISA students and current business professionals to gain top in-demand business and technical skills.

Beginning this fall three new Applied Data Analytics programs will be available: a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Science, and a technical certificate. These new programs follow the successful addition of both an undergraduate minor and a graduate-level technical certificate in data analytics two years ago.

“I chose to get this graduate certificate because I believe data analytics is the future. As technology is evolving, businesses are using analytics to make informed decisions, solve problems, help reduce risks, and increase return on their investments,” said Joyti Lal who is working to earn a Master of Business Administration concurrent with a Data Analytics graduate certificate.

The Department of Computer Information Systems and Analytics (CISA), located within the UCA College of Business, combines highly desired technical skills with sound business principles. The department’s name was changed in July 2021 from “Management Information Systems” to better reflect what the department now offers.

“One of our commitments to students is to continuously improve our curriculum. These new programs will deliver high-quality curriculum and hands-on experiences for students in our computer information systems and analytics degree programs,” said Dr. Michael Hargis, Dean of the UCA College of Business. “We look forward to seeing more CISA students benefit from their experience here and succeed as leaders in the business community.”

The effective management of data has become increasingly important in organizations, as companies gather more and more data and use it for strategic purposes. Data analytics includes areas such as data collection and preparation, descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, and data mining. Analytics skills are useful in almost every area of business, including accounting, management, marketing, economics, insurance risk management, and finance.

“Businesses demand a very different skill set from potential employees when compared to even five or ten years ago. We felt it was appropriate to demonstrate our continuing commitment to analytics by including it in the name of the department,” said Dr. Geoffrey Hill, CISA Department Chair.

With the added three programs this fall, the UCA College of Business now offers 20 degrees and certificates for undergraduates and graduates to equip current and future business professionals to successfully meet the changing business environment.

To learn more about the UCA College of business and these new degrees and certificates, visit www.uca.edu/cisa.