50 Years of COB Alumni: Donna Townsell

The University of Central Arkansas has been a part of Donna Townsell since childhood.

She grew up blocks from the university, rode her bike through campus, hit golf balls with her dad in the field that now houses the Pepsi Center near the corner of Bruce and Farris streets.

“Choosing UCA was an easy choice,” said Townsell. “It was a great school and close to home.”

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It took her a few years to settle on a major and the College of Business, though. She spent her underclassmen years completing her basics, then, eased her way into prospective majors, which included marketing.

Townsell felt confident it could be a fit for her. She worked in many retail businesses as a teenager, including her family’s clothing business, a local photography studio, and a convenience store. Those work experiences showed her the value of marketing.

She enjoyed tasks that required creativity and writing. When one of her courses required her to create marketing material for an imaginary company, Townsell knew she had found the right place.

“It helped me utilize my skills and get a feel for different types of marketing tools,” she said.

Townsell’s career has taken her to many industries, including banking and finance where she has worked for Home BancShares for more than a decade. Now, she’s director of investor relations for Centennial Bank. Earlier this year, she became the first woman to be elected as a board member of Home BancShares and Centennial Bank.

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No matter where she’s worked, Townsell said her degree from the UCA College of Business prepared her to compete and thrive.

“I soon realized the skills and knowledge I gained that can be used every day, whether directly or indirectly, in any field of work I’ve landed in,” said Townsell.

Townsell now serves the college as a member of its advisory board.