Official Launch of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E Major)

The UCA College of Business is pleased to announce the official launch of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) Major.

Why do we offer this major? Creativity is the ultimate business weapon. It is a country’s and company’s growth engine. It is the most valuable and marketable business skill today. The major in Innovation and Entrepreneurship teaches students how to develop ideas and how to get them done. We create “dreamers” and “doers.” Students will identify opportunities and then develop and launch innovations, whether these are products, services, or processes.

What can I&E majors do? Start ventures or make an impact at an existing business of any size or at any stage. Our students are change and innovation specialists who creatively solve problems.

What are key features of the I&E major?

  • Comprehensive business experience: from idea to implementation ·
  • Classes held in the “Imagine Lab,” a cutting edge space built for collaboration ·
  • Hands-on and highly experiential ·
  • Closely mentored
  • Graduate with a portfolio of original ideas – not just a degree
  • Equipped to start a business
  • Will be highly marketable to corporations
  • Expert in the ultimate value-creating skill of the 21st Century: creativity