In the fall of 2017, we hosted some amazing education sessions. The schedule is below with links to the handouts and /or slides. STAY TUNED for the SPRING 2018 schedule.

Oh For the Health of It: Intro to HPER: Have you ever wondered how to get started working out? Are you embarrassed to show up at the HPER unprepared? Join Ary Servedio. Senior Associate Director of Campus Recreation as she walks us through the logistics of the HPER and motivates us to GET MOVING!!
Healthy and WELLthy: Join Duston Morris as he talks about holistic health and well-being. Duston will introduce us to the idea of taking care of all aspects of wellness to ensure the healthiest and WELLthiest lives.
Personal Finance and Stress: Our thoughts about money can cause us stress.  For instance, when we worry about money; are afraid of losing money; or are anxious about how people will view us when we don’t have enough money, we feel stress. About 67% of millennials say financial stress overtakes their ability to focus and be productive at work and 68%, said financial stress has had a negative effect on their physical health. Join Lee as he talks about ways to manage finance related stress.
Making a Healthy Plate the Norm: We all know that what we eat matters. Everyone’s “norm” is different, as we all live different lives. We have the best intentions to live our best life, but sometimes lack the knowledge and/or support. What’s your New Norm?

Making a Healthy Plate the Norm

Handout 1 Healthy Plate

Handout 2 Healthy Plate

Making Healthy Behavior Changes: Do you ever wonder WHY it feels like you can’t change a behavior? Have you ever been disappointed with your decisions? Do you feel helpless in weight loss or positive health changes? Join as we walk through behavior change and motivation.
Physical Activity for Stretching and Relaxation: Meet in the Large Studio at the HPER. Do you ever feel like your body is crawling into itself?   Stress around the neck, back, shoulders, hips and JUST ALL OVER?  Join us for some simple stretching exercises that can make you feel like a whole NEW YOU!   Some you can do at work, others at home to help you sleep better.  Wear loose comfortable workout clothes that allow free movement.  No street clothes permitted for this class.  Pre-sign up max of 50/class.
Staying Healthy and Eating Out: Eating out can be tricky, especially for people who are watching their weight or managing health. Many of the foods prepared outside of the home are high in calories, fat, sodium, and sugar, but that doesn’t mean they are completely off limits. Come learn tips and tricks to choose this, not that!

Staying Healthy and Eating Out

Staying Safe While Staying Healthy: Join Jeremy Crabb as he talks about ways to increase personal safety while being physically active. No matter where you are – in the woods, on the street, in the gym – your physical safety is very important!
Financing the Holidays with Less Stress: Have you always wanted to travel to Rockefeller Square for Christmas? Are you saving money to buy the perfect gifts? Do you get frustrated thinking that it will take you forever to pay off your credit cards? Come learn from Lee on how to budget and maintain sanity during the holidays.
How to Survive the Holiday Buffets: One holiday party after another seems to interrupt your intentions to eat healthy. Don’t save health for a New Year’s resolution. Come learn how to manage the festivities and still enjoy time with friends and family!