Summer Exhibit at the Windgate

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By Leslie Macklin, Assistant Professor of Art & Design, Foundations Coordinator »

This summer, you are invited to glimpse mysterious worlds featured in the Foundations Epilogue Exhibition: Peep (Hole) Show

keek: to look secretly, as through a narrow aperture, or around a corner.

peek: to look through a narrow opening; to look into or out of an enclosed or concealed space; (also) to glance or look furtively at, to pry.

peep: to look through a narrow aperture, as through half-shut eyelids or through a crevice, chink, or small opening into a larger space; (hence) to look quickly or furtively from a vantage point; to steal a glance.

Exhibition Exhibit

Foundations Epilogue Exhibition: Peep (Hole) Show.

While these three words are used interchangeably, peep is the usual choice when someone is attempting to see another person in an act meant to be private. This exhibition brings together works that play with the imagery, ideas, and soft sounds related to intimacy, privacy, entertainment, and of course, features a breadth of types of “holes”. As a viewer, you may find yourself challenged by subject, content, or even physical vantage points as some peeps are more difficult to access than others. 

Now in its third iteration, this Epilogue Exhibition features artwork created by first-year students in the Department of Art and Design. Referred to as the foundations year, majors and minors enter into the department with a variety of previous experience in art making and design. Over the course of the year, students are encouraged to experiment with physical processes and ideation methods that are unusual or are new for them. The emphasis over the course of the year is not on making perfect objects, but in developing critical, creative thinkers who will move into the major studio areas prepared to explore the depths of their interests. This exhibition is the capstone of a very transformative year. 

The exhibition will be on view from May 13-Aug 29th in the Windgate Gallery

A closing reception to celebrate the artists and artwork will take place on Thursday, August 29th from 1:40-2:40pm.