Interior Design Program Highlights Senior Capstone

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By Toni Gocke Wyre, Clinical Instructor of Interior Design »

The Parti/Concepts page highlights the overall concepts and inspiration and give a sense of the visual direction of the project.

Schematic Design Development is underway in Advanced Interior Design Studio, a senior level course focused on any large commercial project (15,000-25,000 square feet) of the student’s choosing. This project will progress through all phases of interior architecture and design, including research and programming, schematics, design development, presentation and construction documents. Students have recently completed the Schematics design phase, which develops the concept and program of the space. At this point, students have collected and analyzed data, translating that information into the built environment through space planning and modeling.

Catherine Hartnedy’s work is highlighted as a stand-out in both concept and visual communication. Her project is “‘Limbo,’” an interactive museum for young adults.  Students were challenged to develop the project brand and concepts along with preliminary sketches and plans. You can see the program begin to take shape in the blocking diagrams.  The practice of Interior Design blends the science of the built environment/architecture and engineering with the art of design.  We can’t wait to see how Catherine’s project develops in the next phase of design.

The Adjacency Matrix is a tool used to bridge the programming/data gathering phase to the schematic development of the concept into the built environment. Data analysis of spaces requiring critical adjacencies, views, and other features are analyzed and incorporated into the building model.

Data develops into blocking diagrams and you can see the beginnings of the architectural building. In the real world, this would eventually become the drawings from which the project is built.

Lastly, Schematic sketching and ideation focuses on key design features, such as this Gumball Room.