The Empathy Project

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By Gayle Seymour, Associate Dean CFAC | Associate Professor of Art, Art History »

Be sure to attend this exciting Arts multidisciplinary arts event!

The Empathy Project, featuring Atlanta-based Core Dance and French poet Sarah Turquety, is coming to UCA Oct. 10-15. All events are free and open to the public. No tickets are required. For more information, including accessibility accommodations (coming soon!), please visit the CFAC website.

Campus events include:

Oct. 13, 6-7 pm, Planetary Dance for Healing, Alumni Circle, UCA

Join Core Dance as they lead people of all ages and abilities in a dance for healing, known as Planetary Dance. Developed in 1990 by dance legend Anna Halprin, a pioneer in experimental dance, Planetary Dance is participatory rather than a theatrical performance. The dance artists of Core and UCA drummers will invite those participating to enter one of three concentric circles: outer (running), second (walking), third (standing). As people enter the circles, and if they feel moved to do so, they call out a dedication to run/walk/stand for a person who needs healing (example: “”I run for my father, who is living with cancer.””). In a second run, people call out a cause (example: “”I walk to combat global warming.””). The dance, which creates a moving mandala, is a call for healing and community renewal, bringing people together for peace with one another and with the earth. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes. In the event of rain, event will be held in Ida Waldran Auditorium.

Oct. 14, 6-7 pm, if . . . a memoir, Lawn outside McCastlain Hall, UCA

if . . . a memoir is a physical theater choreo-poem that seeks to develop empathy in audiences, one person at a time. In this performance, the artistic collaborators address the tipping points that currently face us: discrimination against marginalized people, mass shootings, the environmental crisis, and many other problems that face humanity. if . . . a memoir seeks to create an emotional response between the artists and the audience and reveals the things that connect us to each other: beauty, weakness, vulnerability, and what it is to be inherently human. Please bring blankets or folding chairs; however, some chairs and portable bleachers will provide some seating. In the event of rain, event will be held inside the Baum Gallery in McCastlain Hall

Oct. 15, 9:25-10:50 am,

if . . . a memoir [Shortened version with audience post-performance conversation. Event will be performed in French], Lawn outside McCastlain Hall, UCA. Portable bleachers will provide seating. In the event of rain, event will be held inside the Baum Gallery in McCastlain Hall.


Core Dance, an award-winning contemporary dance company with global reach, creates, performs, and produces compelling original dance that ignites the creative spirit and actively encourages participation and conversation with the community. For nearly four decades, Core Dance has supported innovation, collaboration, artistic risk-taking and sustainable art-making in dance. Core Dance was co-founded in 1980 in Houston, Texas by dancer and choreographer Sue Schroeder and her sister, Kathy Russell. Five years later, the organization added Atlanta, Georgia as a second home base, creating a context for dance that is relevant in both cities and around the globe. Core Dance uses dance to educate, question and illuminate, and is internationally recognized for its artistically driven research practices, cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary collaborations, the humanity of the individual Dance Artists, and its rigorous physicality. (

This residency is funded by UCA Arts Fees through the Artists in Residence program, administered by the College of Fine Arts and Communication. Additional funding is provided by FUSED (French U.S. Exchange in Dance), a program developed by FACE Foundation and the Ministry of Culture, and private donors. Additional support for women artists has been provided by Chanel Fund for Women in the Arts and Culture.