Helen Zughaib, D.C.-based artist, visits UCA

Baum Gallery »
By Brian Young, Director, Baum Gallery »

Arab Spring Exodus, 2013, gouache and ink on board. Image courtesy of the artist

On September 9th and 10th, UCA welcomed Artist-in-Residence, Helen Zughaib, to campus. Zughaib is a Lebanese-born artist based in Washington D.C. She is one of the featured artists in the Baum Gallery’s Cultural Ties: Sonya Clark, Joyce J. Scott and Helen Zughaib. On September 9th, Zughaib visited with Students for the Arts, a group that belongs to the larger advocacy group, Arkansans for the Arts. Later that day, she was interviewed, along with Brian Young, for The DESIGNED Podcast hosted by colleague, Prof. Peter Bella. On September 10th, Zughaib delivered a lecture that traced her twenty-plus year career as a visual artist. Following that, Zughaib met with Prof. Jennifer Rospert’s drawing class in McAlister Hall. In all, the artist interacted with more than 100 students, most of whom are enrolled in Art Department classes. Be sure to keep an eye out for Baum Gallery events and attend them all! You won’t be disappointed.