Arkansas’s 2023 Special Session Is Over

As I mentioned in the newsletter we sent out at the beginning of this week, the Extraordinary Session of the Arkansas General Assembly would likely happen very quickly. It did move quickly, though it lasted about one day longer than most legislators expected. And that’s where it got interesting. The newsletter from Monday also talked […]

More Tax Relief Could be On the Way in Arkansas’s Special Session

By Jeremy Horpedahl, ACRE Director and UCA Associate Professor of Economics The first “Extraordinary Session,” or special session, of the 2023 Arkansas General Assembly will once again take up the important issue of tax reform. The proposed bill HB1007 (and the companion bill SB8) makes three changes to Arkansas tax law. First, the top personal income tax rate […]

Legislative Session Wrap-Up: ACRE’s Top 10 Revisited

By Jeremy Horpedahl, ACRE Director and UCA Associate Professor of Economics The Arkansas General Assembly has informally adjourned, meaning that the time to pass new bills is over. They will reconvene in May to formally wrap up the session, but the major action is now concluded. Prior to the session, ACRE put together a Top […]

A Taxpayer Bill of Rights in Arkansas?

By Jeremy Horpedahl, ACRE Director and UCA Associate Professor of Economics Every session the Arkansas legislature considers many major and minor changes to both tax and budget policy. But it’s much rarer to see proposals to dramatically reform the entire fiscal process in Arkansas. As state legislators have begun to debate potential constitutional amendments to […]

What’s Happening with Corporate Taxes in Arkansas?

As the legislative session continues, one major topic that has still not been addressed is tax reform. While the personal income tax will likely get some attention this year, changes to corporate taxation are just as important and several bills may be considered. Despite the progress made in reducing the state’s corporate income tax from […]

ACRE’s Mid-Session Legislative Update

By Dr. Jeremy Horpedahl, ACRE Director and UCA Associate Professor of Economics The Arkansas General Assembly has now completed 7 weeks of its 2023 Regular Session. While there is still a lot more work to be done this year, we’ve already seen some major developments, and at ACRE we are closely watching several pieces of […]

State Solutions to Local Tax Burdens

By Joseph Johns, ACRE Policy Analyst Arkansas has reduced its state income tax in recent years. However, Arkansans still face considerable tax burdens at the local level. Taxpayers face multiple local tax burdens that chip into their earnings and reduce the overall well-being of Arkansas’s citizens. Currently, there are two bills before the Arkansas legislature […]

Taxes and Inflation in Arkansas

by Joseph Johns, ACRE Policy Analyst Consumer price inflation hit 40-year highs in 2022. The rapid increase in prices has already hit households hard in their wallets as they buy everyday goods and services. But for taxpayers in Arkansas, there could be another hidden cost of inflation: your taxes could be going up in real […]

Recent Tax Cuts in Arkansas Haven’t Cut Into the State Budget

By Jeremy Horpedahl, ACRE Director Beginning in 2015, Arkansas has been making gradual reductions in both personal and corporate income tax rates. The cumulative personal income tax reductions could be saving middle-income families in Arkansas $2,000-$5,000 every year, as an analysis by ACRE Policy Analyst Joseph Johns shows. Not only has the top income tax […]

ACRE’s Top 10 Policy Goals for the 2023 Arkansas Legislative Session

By Jeremy Horpedahl, ACRE Director The Arkansas General Assembly convenes for the 2023 general session on January 9, 2023. Over the weeks and months that follow, the Legislature will consider bills on a wide variety of issues affecting individuals and businesses in Arkansas. Researchers at ACRE have been hard at work since the last legislative […]