Good Data is Vital to Public Policy

by Aaron Newell ACRE Policy Analyst Jacob Bundrick recently wrote how better access to data can lead to better policy outcomes in Arkansas. In “Data holds the key: Good analysis vital for policy,” an Arkansas Democrat-Gazette op-ed on February 13, 2019, Bundrick explains that when it comes to targeted development incentives, Arkansas is lacking in […]

ACRE Releases New Data Guide for Arkansas Citizens

By Jeremy Horpedahl It can be tough to figure out what’s really happening in Arkansas’s economy. If you follow the news, you hear reports about the latest economic data all the time: Employment is up this month! Wages are stagnant! Poverty declined last quarter! This focus on the most recent data can be confusing or […]

What Do Governments Sacrifice to Give Businesses Subsidies?

By Caleb Taylor What are the trade-offs states make when offering economic development incentives to private businesses? Prof. Nathan Jensen discussed this and more on Tuesday, November 13th in the UCA College of Business auditorium to a crowd of over 70 attendees. Jensen is a Professor in the Department of Government at the University of […]

The Cost of Arkansas’s QACF

By Jacob Bundrick Since its creation in 2007, state officials have allocated more than $185.7 million to the Quick Action Closing Fund (QACF). The program, which allows the state to provide discretionary cash grants to select companies, is intended to attract and retain businesses in Arkansas. But have these millions actually increased economic activity? Research […]

QACF Brings “No Increases” In Employment, Bundrick Says

By Caleb Taylor What is the Quick Action Closing Fund (QACF) and what reforms should be considered to protect taxpayers? Jacob Bundrick, a policy analyst at the Arkansas Center for Research in Economics, was on the Conduit News radio program Wednesday morning to answer these questions and more. The QACF allows the state to provide […]

What Path Should Arkansas Take On Economic Development?

By Caleb Taylor Is there a “more proven path” Arkansas should take for economic development? ACRE Policy Analyst Jacob Bundrick says yes in an op-ed published in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on March 19th. Arkansas officials should focus on “broad, comprehensive reforms to increase economic growth” rather than targeted economic development incentives. One example of an […]

New Research Paper Published on Arkansas Job Creation Program — and the Results Do Not Look Good

By Caleb Taylor Does Arkansas’s Quick Action Closing Fund (QACF) increase county-level private employment and establishments? ACRE Policy Analyst Jacob Bundrick and Scholar and UCA Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. Thomas Snyder investigate this question in their academic journal article “Do Business Subsidies Lead to Increased Economic Activity? Evidence from Arkansas’s Quick Action Closing Fund” […]

Bundrick Quoted In Statewide Publications On Business Subsidies

By Caleb Taylor ACRE Policy Analyst Jacob Bundrick answered questions from members of the State Agencies & Government Affairs – Senate Constitutional Issues Subcommittee on Tuesday, February 20th about Arkansas economic development incentives. Bundrick explained the conclusions of a working paper by him and ACRE Scholar Dr. Tom Snyder, UCA Associate Professor of Economics, titled […]

Hutchinson Calls for Top Individual Income Tax Rate to Be Cut to 6 Percent

By Caleb Taylor Governor Asa Hutchinson announced his support on Monday in an address to legislators at the beginning of the fiscal session for a reduction of Arkansas’s top individual income tax rate from 6.9 to 6 percent. This rate reduction is along the lines of one of the reform suggestions outlined by ACRE scholar […]