Accounting: Accounting: a professional services career focused on expertise in financial reporting, taxation law, providing assurance, and the related information systems; the accountant is a key member of the decision-making team providing financial forecasts as well as evaluating financial results of decisions related to all aspects of business including resource allocation, management, marketing, investments and financing, and risk management.
UCA Accounting graduates are well prepared to begin a meaningful career, to evolve professionally with career changes they will encounter, and to become life-long learners.

Jobs in Accounting: Accountant • Auditor • Tax Advisor • Controller • Financial Analyst • Forensic Accountant • Fraud Investigator • Chief Financial Officer


UCA Accounting provides the following degrees, credentials, and opportunities:

The mission of the UCA Department of Accounting is to provide a high-quality accounting curriculum as well as opportunities for experiences beyond the classroom. UCA provides a broader undergraduate accounting curriculum than most institutions, and our accounting honorary society has achieved national recognition. This combination of coursework and extracurricular opportunities makes UCA Accounting graduates well prepared to become life-long learners, to evolve professionally with career changes they will encounter, and to contribute meaningfully to their careers.