Finding a Job in Accounting

Job offers are made to accounting majors up to a year before graduation, and sometimes even earlier. Start thinking about what type of job you want as a junior, and interview for positions during your last fall semester in school (including graduate school).

Job Announcements

Postings for full-time jobs can be found at Check often to find the newest postings at the top of the list.

Interview on Campus through Career Services

Several companies come to campus, mostly in the fall, to interview accounting majors. To see which firms are interviewing and to sign up for interviews, visit Career Services.

Contact Firms of Interest Directly

Check out firms and agencies that regularly hire our graduates. Contact the human resources department (or specified contact) of these firms or of other companies that interest you to inquire about openings.

Join Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is an honors organization for accounting majors. Many firms seek out BAP members because they are the top students. BAP holds an annual Meet the Firm event where firms and members can meet. Visit to find out more about the organization and its activities.

Join a Professional Organization

Professional accounting organizations are groups of accountants in similar professions (e.g., CPAs, internal auditors) that hold regular meetings. All organizations have student memberships that allow students to meet professionals. Frequently, students receive job offers and scholarships from these organizations. Links to professional organizations are posted.

Do an Internship

An internships is a good way to try working for a company to see if you like it and let the company try you as an employee. Many full-time jobs are offered as a result of internships. View our Internship Web page for more information.