Technical Certificate in Accounting

The Technical Certificate in Accounting is a credential that prepares students for an accounting career in a corporation, industry, private business, government office, or nonprofit organization. The 24 hour program (8 classes) can be completed in person or fully online.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a certificate?
A technical certificate is an earned college credential approved by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, similar to but less comprehensive than, a bachelor’s degree. (A bachelor’s degree is 120 hours compared to a 24 certificate.) Students who complete the requirements for the technical certificate in accounting will graduate with the credential.

How is a certificate different from a minor or major?
A certificate is more than a minor but less than a major. The technical certificate in accounting at UCA requires 24 hours (8 accounting classes). A minor in accounting is 18 hours (6 accounting classes), and a major in accounting requires 36 hours of accounting plus additional hours in business and general education.

Do I have to major in something else to get the certificate?
No. You can earn your certificate as a stand-alone credential or you can combine it with your bachelor’s degree if you wish.

Who should get this certificate?
This certificate is great for the following individuals who are interested in a career in accounting:

  • High school graduates interested in a career in accounting.
  • UCA students pursing a bachelor’s degree in business or non-business disciplines who want to combine their field of study with accounting in their career.
  • Post-baccalaureate students with non-accounting degrees who want a career in accounting.
  • Post-baccalaureate students with non-accounting degrees who want to pursue a Master of Accountancy degree in the future.

Does the certificate prepare me for the CPA designation?
Partially. This certificate may be a stepping stone toward CPA eligibility. The CPA exam in Arkansas requires 30 hours of accounting beyond principles and 30 hours of non-accounting business and a 120-hour college degree. The technical certificate requires 18 hours of accounting beyond principles and no business courses. If you are interested in pursuing the CPA designation, contact UCA’s Accounting Department (501.450.3108) to discuss a pathway to CPA eligibility.