Technical Certificate in Accounting – Coursework

A Technical Certificate in Accounting (TCA) requires 24 hours of coursework.

6 Required Courses
(18 hours)
Principles of Accounting 1
ACCT 2310
Principles of Accounting 2
ACCT 2311
Intermediate Accounting 1
ACCT 3311
Cost Accounting
ACCT 3315
Individual Taxation
ACCT 3316
Accounting Information Systems
ACCT 3320
2 Electives from these courses*
(6 hours)
Fraud Investigation
ACCT 3326
Govt & Not-for-profit Accounting
ACCT 4304
Intermediate Accounting 2*
ACCT 3312
Advanced Cost Accounting
ACCT 4315
Advanced Taxation
ACCT 4316
ACCT 4317
Accounting Internship
ACCT 3382
Special topics in Accounting
ACCT 4390


*A Stepping Stone to the Master of Accountancy

Students wishing to enter UCA’s Master of Accountancy program following the completion of this certificate must do the following:

  • Select Intermediate Accounting 2 and Auditing as their TCA electives;
  • Also have an undergraduate degree in any subject; and
  • Have completed macroeconomics, microeconomics, and business law.

For more information, visit the MAcc Admission page.

Course Delivery (Can I get a TCA fully online?)

All required accounting courses for a TCA are offered face-to-face and online, at least one of each every year. For more information on course delivery and timing, visit our Accounting Course Delivery page.