Health Education in Vienna


Please plan to attend one of our two mandatory Health and Safety meetings.
Attendance of a Health and Safety meeting is required in order to participate in your study abroad program. 
Here are the dates for our Health and Safety meetings:
Thursday, March 8, 2018    4-5PM                       Burdick Room 205
Thursday, March 15, 2018  1:40-2:30 (x period)  Old Main Room 114


Working closely with the Austro-Amerikan Institute of Education (AAIE), Health Education in Vienna will offer classes and excursions dealing with both international as well as mental health in the foreign country. Through the AAIE, students will have a host family and a school to call their own during their stay in Austria.  Excursions will include (but not be limited to) Viktor Frankl’s house, Freud’s house, UNICEF, United Nations, World Health Organization, hospitals, clinics, wellness systems, and the local university.

During the excursions, students will learn about health systems in Austria and how they are similar/different compared to the health care system in the United States. Moreover, each student will get to experience both international and mental health events throughout the country. The study abroad will culminate with a 2-3 day excursion to the Austrian Alps where students will experience first hand the benefits of leisure in the European nations.

Denise Demers, Ph.D., CHES, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences

HBST 1377 Study Abroad Seminar (this is a lower division core class)

H ED 4365 Field Experience in Health Education

H ED 4V90 Directed Independent Study in Health Education

HONORS 3310 (with permission from Patricia Smith)

Lisa K. Ray, MS, LADAC, CCS

HSC 4314 Multicultural Counseling and Addiction

Dr. Denise Demers, Assistant Professor

Dr. Denise Demers, Assistant Professor

Dr. Denise Demers is an Assistant Professor in the Health Sciences Department at the University of Central Arkansas. Her interests are in mental and international health. Having been to Austria and the surrounding areas on a study abroad program as a graduate student, Denise has been planning a return trip to share her love of the area with students of her own. She is excited to convey with students the many opportunities to improve themselves as health educators and as people as they study health in a foreign country as it pertains to different cultures.

Dr. Denise Demers • Doyne 319 • Department of Health Sciences


Lisa K. Ray, MS, LADAC, CCS



Clinical Instructor Lisa K. Ray • Doyne 230 • Department of Health Sciences 

Travel Dates: May 13 – June 3, 2018

Deadline to Apply: Friday, Jan. 26, 2018