UCA’s Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Program is a campus-wide initiative that includes commitments from the President’s and Provost’s offices, the Instructional Development Center, the Division of Outreach and Community Engagement, and the academic colleges.

The Faculty Fellows Program provides faculty an opportunity to learn how to successfully integrate service into their curricula and ultimately serve as advocates for service-learning at UCA.  Dr. Peter Mehl, Associate Dean for the College of Liberal Arts, will serve as the Faculty Liaison for Service-Learning.  Dr. Mehl will facilitate the faculty fellows’ seminar and, in conjunction with OCE and IDC, support the growth of academic service-learning on campus.

What is the Service-Learning Faculty Fellows seminar?

  • UCA’s Service-Learning Faculty Fellows seminar is an intensive seminar held weekly during a summer term.  Faculty should expect to spend an equivalent amount of time in the faculty fellows seminar as teaching a three credit hour summer course.  It will be similar to a graduate seminar with readings, regular meetings, and work in the community related to service-learning development.
  • The seminar is designed to benefit faculty who wish to explore service-learning as a pedagogical tool in an intensive, in-depth manner, with the intent of implementing it into a specific academic course.
  • It is an opportunity for faculty to discuss teaching, learning, and application of service-learning and civic engagement at UCA in an interdisciplinary manner connecting faculty from all colleges on campus.
  • Faculty who participate in service-learning receive a summer stipend.
  • It is recommended that faculty not teach a course during the term of the seminar given the time requirements of participation.

Summary of UCA Service-Learning Program
For more Service-Learning information and to access the (forthcoming) Faculty Fellows Application for 2014, go to the IDC website.

Service-Learning Faculty Handbook

Faculty Fellows – 2014 Class

Sally Entrekin, Biology, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Li Zeng, Art, College of Fine Arts and Communication

Riva Brown, Communication, College of Fine Arts and Communication

Jia Zhu, World Languages, College of Liberal Arts

Michael Rosenow, History, College of Liberal Arts

Tanya Jeffcoat, Philosophy and Religion, College of Liberal Arts


Peter Mehl, Service-learning Faculty Liaison, Philosophy & Religion and Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts (peterm@uca.edu)

Faculty Fellows – 2013 Inaugural Class

  • Lorrie George-Paschal, Occupational Therapy, College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
  • Michael Gallagher, KPED, College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
  • Sophie Dix (formerly Bradford), Writing, College of Fine Arts and Communication
  • Amy Hawkins, Communication, College of Fine Arts and Communication
  • Kim Little, History, College of Liberal Arts
  • Candice Barnes, Early Childhood Education, College of Education
  • Doug Corbitt, Philosophical Studies, Honors College
  • Michael Haddigan, Writing, College of Fine Arts and Communications


Peter Mehl, Service-Learning Faculty Liaison, Philosophy & Religion and Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Hunter Phillips Goodman, Graduate student and former director of R.C. cook Student Union and service-learning at the University of Southern Mississippi.

UCA’s Definition: Academic Service-Learning is a course-based teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaninful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.  Adapted from National Service-Learning Clearinghouse, Retrieved, February 25, 2013 http://www.service.learning.org/

UCA-Service-Learning-Student-Waiver.Revised 2014_1

Service-Learning Course Design Worksheet Jacoby- Dr. Barbara Jacoby, Senior Scholar, University of Maryland, (bjacoby@umd.edu)