Mental Health Counseling (MS)

Program Description

The Master’s of Science program in Mental Health Counseling replaces the Master’s programs in Community Counseling and Counseling Psychology in 2014. Students currently in the Community Counseling and Counseling Psychology programs can follow their respective links to information and forms.

The Mental Health Counseling Program is designed so that it may serve as a terminal degree or as a foundation for prospective doctoral students. Many graduates from this program establish private practices or work in various mental health centers, community agencies, and hospitals. The program consists of sixty (60) semester hours of course work including a one semester internship. Graduates can become Licensed Professional Counselors through the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling.

Student Learner Outcomes

  1. Graduates of the program will have knowledge of a variety of counseling theories & therapeutic techniques and be able to demonstrate their appropriate use with various populations.
  2. Graduates of the program will have gained sufficient knowledge of ethical and professional standards of care to effectively engage in a therapeutic relationship within a counseling setting.
  3. Graduates of the program will have received adequate training to enable them to become Licensed Professional Counselors in the state of Arkansas.
  4. Graduates of the program will successfully enter the mental health profession.

Prospective Students

  • Deadline for application to the Department of Psychology & Counseling is January 15 annually. Late applications will be considered if all positions are not filled. A separate application to the UCA Graduate School should be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to January 15.
    • The application is a two-tiered process. You must apply to the UCA Graduate School and simultaneously to the MHC program. The deadline for the MHC application is January 15th (or until all positions filled) in order to be admitted for the summer or fall semester. While the UCA Graduate School does not have a deadline, it takes the Graduate School about 3 weeks to process their application materials which must be completed before the January 15th MHC deadline. Therefore, be sure to complete the Graduate School application by December 15th to make sure it is processed in time.
  • Students accepted into the program in the spring may begin classes in the following summer or fall semester.
  • Admission Application Form
  • Mental Health Counseling Handbook 2015-16
  • Mental Health Counseling Course Sequence
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  • Diversity
  • Careers in Counseling

Current Students

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