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Outstanding Graduate Teaching Instructor, Deven Dyer and Dr. Art Gillaspy

Billy and Terry Smith Outstanding Graduate Student in Mental Health Counseling, Faith Reynolds and Dr. Kevin Rowell

Dr. Ron Bramlett and Billy and Terry Smith Outstanding Graduate Student in School Psychology, Lorianne Graves

Dr. Bill Lammers and Richard Allen Scott Outstanding Psychology Student Finalist Ryan Liew

Dr. Bill Lammers and Richard Allen Scott Outstanding Psychology Student Finalist Sage Wilson

Dr. Bill Lammers and Richard Allen Scott Outstanding Psychology Student Cassandra Alise Holloway

Richard Allen Scott Outstanding Psychology Students Ryan Liew, Cassandra Alise Holloway, and Sage Wilson

Dr. Femina Varghese receives grant

Congratulations to Dr. Varghese on receiving a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation IRL Community Partner Mini-Grant for $12,000 to purchase treatment manuals and equipment!

Dr. Marc Sestir and colleagues to publish journal article

Congrats to Dr. Sestir (and our Hendrix colleagues) on this publication!
Sestir, M.A., Kennedy, L.A., Peszka, J., & Bartley, J. (in press). New Statistics, Old Schools: An
Overview of Current Introductory Undergraduate and Graduate Statistics Pedagogy Practices. Teaching of Psychology.

Morgan Payne (former MHC student) publishes article

Congratulations to former Mental Health Counseling student, Morgan Payne, for her upcoming publication!

Payne, M. E. (2021). Neuropsychology pilot: Dr. Carlos Porges. Psychological Services, 18(2), 170–172.

Mental Health Counseling graduate Morgan Payne interviewed “neuropsychology pilot” Dr. Carlos Porges for the recent issue of the journal Psychological Services.

Deven Dyer interviews Dr. Kevin Rowell

Congratulations to Deven and Dr. Rowell!

Dr. Kevin Rowell, a faculty member of the UCA counseling psychology and MHC programs, was interviewed by UCA counseling-psychology doctoral student Deven Dyer on the topic of “Disaster Mental Health” for the recent issue of the journal Psychological Services.

Dyer, D. (2021). Disaster mental health with Dr. Kevin Rowell. Psychological Services, 18(2), 260–264.

Rachel Sanders and Chayla Rutledge accepted into UAMS Pediatric Fellowship Program

Congratulations to School Psychology doctoral students, Rachel Sanders and Chayla Rutledge, who have been accepted into the Pediatric Psychology Fellowship Program at UAMS!

The Fellowships will begin in fall 2021 and focus on diagnostic interviews, consultation, and brief interventions within outpatient medical subspecialty clinics; psychoeducational, developmental, neuropsychological, and behavioral assessment; outpatient psychotherapy; and inpatient hospital consultation-liaison. Training is limited to child and adolescent populations. Specialized populations include individuals with developmental disabilities and pediatric chronic illnesses.

Dr. Mollie Price-Blackshear co-authors publication on mindfulness and intergroup bias

Oyler, D. L., Price-Blackshear, M. A., Pratscher, S. D., & Bettencourt, B.A. (2021) Mindfulness and intergroup bias: A systematic review. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations
Our systematic review of the mindfulness-intergroup literature suggests that, across the heterogeneity of paradigms, mindfulness (present-moment awareness and attention, with accepting attitudes) tends to attenuate intergroup bias.

Dr. Darshon Reed makes presentation at Eastern Psychological Association

Dr. Reed gave an invited presentation at the Eastern Psychological Association Annual Conference on March 5th, 2021 with other president-elects of regional Psychological Associations. The title of the session and panel discussion was “Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion in & through the Teaching of Psychology”. Dr. Reed’s presentation was titled “Are we teaching courses that prepare and develop psychology undergraduates to be diversity trained, equity-minded, and inclusive?” Dr. Reed discussed the focused diversity initiatives for enhancing diversity in the undergraduate curriculum and ways to assess diversity, equity, and inclusion programmatically.

Anderson-Reed, D., Grahe, J., Green, B., Harton, H., Hirt, E., Mason, R., & Pritchard, M. (2021, March 4-6). Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion in & through the Teaching of Psychology. [Invited Speaker Teaching Program]. 2021 Eastern Psychological Association Conference. Virtual Conference.

Dr. Ken Sobel publishes article with faculty and student colleagues

Congrats to Dr. Sobel, Dr. Puri, and their students on this recent publication.

Lee, K. R., *Dague, T. D., Sobel, K. V., *Paternoster, N. J., & Puri, A. M. (2021). Set size and ensemble perception of numerical value. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics.
Description from Dr. Sobel:
“In this article, we describe how participants quickly extract numerical means from visual displays containing several digits.”
*Taylor Dague graduated from UCA in 2018 with a double major in psychology and biology and a minor in cognitive neuroscience, and since then has been working on a Master’s degree in biology in Dr. Puri’s lab. Nicholas Paternoster is an undergraduate student also in Dr. Puri’s lab.

Jordan Pyle (doctoral student) makes presentation in Oklahoma

Jordan Pyle, a Counseling Psychology doctoral student, presented a virtual presentation, “Self-Love and Self-Care Strategies” for the Oklahoma Women in Technology Board. The presentation focused primarily on self-care strategies during a pandemic.

Dr. Femina Varghese becomes Fellow of the Society of Counseling Psychology

Dr. Femina Varghese, a member of the UCA Department of Psychology and Counseling since 2008, was recently awarded Fellowship Status by the Society of Counseling Psychology (SCP; Division 17 of the American Psychological Association). This honor is given to those who have made a major contribution to the field of counseling psychology. As Dr. Mary O’Leary Wiley, president of the Society of Counseling Psychology, stated in her congratulatory letter to Dr. Varghese, “Your work has made a difference in our field and in the world.” This recognition is particularly meaningful because, last year, Dr. Varghese received fellowship status from Division 18 of the American Psychological Association, the Division of Psychologists in Public Service. Among her accomplishments in the field of counseling psychology are two “Outstanding Paper Awards” for two lead articles she published in the society’s official journal, the Counseling Psychologist: “Injustice in the Justice System: Reforming Inequities for True ‘Justice for All,’” which was part of the journal’s 50th Anniversary Commemoration, and “Vocational Interventions with Offenders: Interdisciplinary Research, Theory, and Integration,” which was the lead paper of a major contribution. In recognition of this honor, SCP Fellows are invited to deliver a special address at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association.

Congratulations to Dr. Varghese on this honor! You’re a rockstar!