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Dr. Anna Park has article accepted for publication

Park, A. Thierry, K. Norris, K. Venzor, E. Nobles, S. (in press). Is optimism a unique predictor of reading and math performance in Latinx elementary school students? Journal of Character Education.

Dr. Femina Varghese and Maddie Arey publish articles

Arey, M.* & Varghese, F.P. (in press) Increasing Deception Detection through Training on Microexpressions. Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences (Undergraduate Journal).

Varghese, F.P., Israel, T., Seymour, G., Herbst, R.B, Suarez, L., & Hargons, C. (2019). Injustice in the Justice System: Reforming inequities for true justice for all. The Counseling Psychologist, 47, 682-740 (For the 50th Anniversary of The Counseling Psychologist).

Outstanding Psychology Student Award Winners

Winners announced for this year’s Richard A. Scott Outstanding Psychology Student Award

Congratulations to the winner!

Elena Lainez Zacarias

I would love to gain experience in the field of mental health after I graduate, through a job at a clinic or hospital, and work there for a year. After that, I plan on getting a master’s in mental health counseling so I can become a therapist. My hope is that I can help raise more awareness about mental health in the Latin American community, and provide cognitive behavioral therapy to those who need it.

Elena received a certificate, a cash award of $750, and will have her name added to a plaque in the Department of Psychology and Counseling.


Congratulations the 1st Runner-up!

Rachel Bearden

After graduation, I will embark on volunteer work in the Republic of Palau in Micronesia for 6 months, then continue intern work collecting psychometric data at a tactical training facility. I plan on going to graduate school for clinical psychology and attending Officer Candidate School to work in the United States Army as a Psychological Operations Officer. 

Rachel received a certificate and a cash award of $250.


Congratulations to the 2nd Runner-up!

Christoni Key

My upcoming plans include graduating this December and applying to either the social work MSW program at UA Little Rock or the school psychology ED.S. program at UCA.

Christoni received a certificate and a cash award of $100.


Dr. Anderson elected as SWPA President-elect

Congratulations to Dr. Darshon Anderson for being elected President-elect for the Southwestern Psychological Association.

Undergraduate PSYC majors inducted into UCA Purple Society

The following Psychology majors were inducted into the UCA  Purple Society:  Who’s Who among UCA Students on Saturday, February 22nd.
  • Blakelee Alford
  • Ashley Hall
  • Alise Holloway
  • Karon Marbley
  • Emma Reed
Karon Marbley earned the Purple Star Award for exemplifying the high ideals of leadership, service, and involvement.

Jacob Christie receives Bear CLAWS Award for work with the UCA Food Pantry

Congratulations to Senior Psychology major, Jacob Christie, for receiving the UCA Bear CLAWS award from President Davis for his leadership at the UCA Food Pantry!  Proud you are one of ours.

Predoctoral Internship Placements

Congratulations to our doctoral students, Mattie, Robyn, Carley, Rachel, and David for their predoctoral internship placements! Once again 100% of our students matched.

Counseling Psychology Program

Mattie Bogoslavsky – University of North Florida Counseling Center, Jacksonville, FL

Robyn Hunter – Alaska Psychology Intern Consortium/Norton Sound Health, Nome, AK/Alaska Family Medicine-Providence

School Psychology Program

Carley Owen – Florida State University Multidisciplinary Center, Tallahassee, FL

Rachel Sanders – Nebraska Internship Consortium, Lincoln, NE/Munroe-Meyer Institute IABA

David Young – Avondale School District Psychology Internship, Avondale, AZ

Dr. Paul Nail, Dr. Cory Cobb, & Carley Owen publish

Aronson, J., Cohen, G., & Nail, P. R. (2019). Self-affirmation theory: An update and appraisal. In E. Harmon-Jones (Ed.). Cognitive dissonance: Reexamining a pivotal theory in social psychology (2nd edition, pp. 159-174). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Nail, P. R., Cobb, C. L., & Owen, C. E. (2019). Evidence that negative maternal transference is at the root of Americans’ beliefs in 9/11 conspiracy theories. North American Journal of Psychology, 21, 127-150.

Nail, P. R. (2019b). A tribute and fond memories of Donald Hugh Helms (1927-2008): Hank’s primary steel guitarist (1944-1952). Hank Williams International Society Newsletter, 27(2), 6-9.

Nail, P. R. (2019a). Don and Hazel Helms: An anecdote from the life of Hank Williams, courtesy of Miss Hazel, and what it reveals about Hank’s personality. Hank Williams International Society Newsletter, 27(1), 8-11.

Nail, P. R., Cobb, C. L., & Owen, C. E. (2019, May 16). Psychological transference: The most powerful, generally unknown force in the world. Invited address presented at the Science Meets Social Science Seminar, Department of Theoretical Physics, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw, Poland.

Dr. Darshon Anderson involved in presentations, publication, and grant

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Conference Presentation
Nadelson, S., Anderson, D., Massey, M., Lowder, T. & Yarberry, F. (2020, January). Creating Curiosity in Higher Education: A Qualitative Analysis of Faculty Members’ Perspectives on Enhancing Student Curiosity. Poster presented at 2020 Hawaii International Conference on Education.
Research Methods Lab student project accepted for Conference Presentation
Show, K., Peterson, E., Williams, T, & Anderson, D. (2020, April). Social Comparison and Goal Pursuit. Paper to be presented at the 2020 Southwestern Psychological Association Convention in Frisco, Texas.
Student Paper Published
Wells, D., Rupp, K., Martin, A, & Anderson, D. (in press). Incorporating accountability and coordination in fitness plans to increase goal progress. The Journal of Psychological Inquiry.
Research grant received in collaboration with Chemistry Department
Yarberry, F., Desrochers, P., Massey, M., Long, M., Buchanon, M., & Anderson, D. (2020-2025). Fostering a Diverse Community of Future Chemists Through Scholarship Support, Peer Instruction, Mentoring, and Professional Development. The National Science Foundation through the Division of Undergraduate Education and the NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (S-STEM) program, under Grant No. (1930026).

Rachel Bearden and Nemi Shah awarded SURF Grants

Congratulations to Rachel Bearden and Nemi Shah for recently being awarded Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Grants to support their research! Their projects are as follows:

Rachel Bearden: Why do psychosis and high-functioning autism have diametrical associations with migration?
Nemi Shah: Why Do People Justify Choices They Did Not Make?
Dr. Ken Sobel is the Mentor for both students.