Undergraduate Program


The program of study for the psychology major provides a strong foundation in the science of human behavior and thought that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Students take 5 required courses and select 7 other courses in consultation with their advisor (see checklist).


There are no admission requirements other than those that apply to admission to UCA. A student can simply declare a psychology major and can begin taking courses their first semester.


UCA has the largest psychology department in the state of Arkansas , with over 20 faculty members, over 600 undergraduate majors, and over 100 graduate students in our 4 graduate programs. Because of our size, the faculty represent a wide range of expertise in a variety of specialties within psychology. This leads to a high-quality program in which students have the opportunity to interact with professors from a variety of areas within psychology both in the classroom and through opportunities to assist faculty in research.

The psychology department is advanced in the use of technology. Each classroom has a networked computer and multimedia projector. In addition, our computer classroom has 20 networked computers, a multimedia projector, a scanner, and three printers. Many faculty take advantage of the technology in their teaching, using Powerpoint, the internet, and a course website to assist their teaching.

We have a very active psychology honor society and Psychology Club at UCA. The organization holds monthly meetings, schedules social events, and does community service. It is a great way to meet other psychology students and to learn more about the field of psychology.


Our graduates obtain jobs in a variety of employment settings, including human resources, personnel departments, advertising & marketing, real estate, and a variety of managerial-type positions. Those who stay in the field of psychology tend to get jobs in mental health services. A significant number of our graduates decide to obtain a graduate degree in psychology. Some pursue a Masters degree and a few pursue a Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree. Our department offers a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology and Masters degrees in School Psychology and Mental Health Counseling.

College of Health and Behavioral Sciences Internship and Clinical Placement Policy

  • One or more clinical or internship components are required of most degree programs in CHBS. The majority of clinical and internship components are mandated by licensure boards and accrediting organizations.
  • Clinical and internship facilities have a variety of requirements that must be met by students, including vaccinations.
  • Vaccination status of students is not considered when making clinical or internship assignments. (UCA does not require a student to be vaccinated for COVID-19 or to produce any documentation regarding vaccination for COVID-19.)
  • Exemptions to vaccination requirements must be requested by the student through the clinical or internship facility.
  • Failure to comply with the requirements of the clinical or internship assignment may result in an indefinite delay of degree completion.