Faculty Research Interests

ELSON BIHM, Ph.D. (Counseling Psychology) Texas Tech University

Counseling Psychology; Philosophical Psychology; Behavior Analysis

KURT BONIECKI, Ph.D. (Social Psychology) University of Florida

Stereotype formation and activation; racism

RON BRAMLETT, Ph.D. (School Psychology) University of Cincinnati

Child/Family Interventions; Assessment of Children/Adolescents; Predictors of School Success

SHAWN CHARLTON, Ph.D. (Experimental Psychology) University of California-San Diego

Theories of Learning; Evolutionary Psychology; Human and Animal Behavior

        DEB CRAWFORD, Ph.D. (Counseling Psychology) University of Missouri- St. Louis

             LGBTQ+ Resilience and Thriving; Positive Psychology

JAMES “ART” GILLASPY, Ph.D. (Counseling Psychology) Texas A&M University

Measurement Issues in Counseling Research; Addictions Counseling

       CHRISTINA JEFFREY, Ph.D.   (Counseling Psychology) Texas A&M Liberation Psychology; Integrating postcolonialism in psychological training and practice; Multiculturalism;                 Case Formulation

        SEUNGYEON LEE, Ph.D. (Educational/Developmental Psychology) University of Kansas

               Classroom Assessment, Emerging Adulthood, Emotional Intelligence, Fear of Missing Out (FoMO), Mindfulness, Nomophobia

             HEATHER MARTENS, Ph.D. (School Psychology) University of Florida

Predicting student performance on state mandated assessment using universal screeners: Establishing predictive cutscores and cost benefit analysis of academic interventions;  determining cost-benefit ratio of empirically based interventions in schools

       YESEUL NAM, Ph.D.   (Social/Cultural Psychology): Univerisity of Utah
Cross-cultural differences, Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities, Intergroup Relations

      ANNA PARK, Ph.D. Personality traits, positive psychology, and effective teaching/learning strategies

       MOLLIE A. PRICE-BLACKSHEAR, Ph.D. (Social/Personality Psychology) University of Missouri, Columbia

Intergroup Relations; Stereotyping & Prejudice; Self-Affirmation; System Justification;  Diversity & Inclusion (link to research & teaching interests)

DARSHON A. REED, Ph.D. (Experimental Psychology) Oklahoma State University

Self-regulation, Social Influence, Social Cognition, & Diversity

KEVIN ROWELL, Ph.D. (Counseling Psychology) Texas A&M University

Mental Health of Elderly In Long-Term Care; Alcohol Problems

       DEANNA RUMBLE, Ph.D. (Experimental Psychology & Rehabilitation Science) University of Alabama at Birmingham

Pain Science, Chronic Illness, Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities

MARC SESTIR, Ph.D. (Experimental Psychology) University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Cognitive, behavioral, and affective effects of media consumption; human aggression; consumer behavior

JOAN SIMON, Ph.D. (School Psychology) University of Kansas

Methodologies for SLD identification; Value affirmations and school aggression; Hospital-to-school transitions.

KEN SOBEL, Ph.D. (Cognitive Psychology) Vanderbilt University

Visual attention, perception, and memory

FEMINA VARGHESE, Ph.D. (Counseling Psychology) Texas Tech University

Corrections, vocational development of offenders, and cultural diversity

      JAMES WAGES, Ph.D. (Social Psychology) Northwestern University

            Social Cognition, Stereotypes, Risk-taking, & Lay Theories

     RYAN WILLARD, Ph.D. (Counseling Psychology)

         Multicultural awareness, mindfulness, and positive psychology,